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Now Offering Microsoft Surface Tablets in Preinstalled Rugged Surface Cases

Surface 3 Rugged Case BundleMobileDemand, experts in rugged Windows® tablets, is now a Microsoft Authorized Reseller and will offer the very successful Surface Pro 4 and Surface 3 devices in an enterprise-ready bundle. The bundle will include an expert-applied protective case and strengthened glass screen protector.

The rugged Surface cases, called the xCase, are engineered specifically for the Surface Pro 4 and Surface 3 and feature several carrying options for easy mobility, a fully adjustable easel, protected ports, rubber corner bumpers and a vehicle Snap Mount plate. The cases are proven to protect the tablets from accidental damage, extending the life of the devices, reducing IT upkeep and keeping mobile workforces productive throughout entire shifts. Both versions of the case meet MIL-STD-810G standards for 4-foot drops to concrete.

The cases were engineered by MobileDemand as a participant in the Microsoft Designed for Surface Program, which serves customers by providing third-party hardware accessories guaranteed to work seamlessly with Surface devices.

“The ability for IT professionals to shop for Surface tablets, rugged cases and screen protectors in one location cannot be understated. MobileDemand providing complete, enterprise-ready solutions means businesses can deploy the devices faster,” said Matt Miller, Founder and President at MobileDemand. “This equates to greater productivity and efficiency in the field. No other rugged device company can provide a custom, ready-to-go rugged Surface bundle.”  

Applying a screen protector or rugged Surface case is difficult; the cases are tight-fitting and screen protectors commonly attract dust and bubbles under the screen. The scrap rate for screen protectors can exceed 15% when done improperly. Leave it to the installation experts at MobileDemand to apply the bundles in a dust-controlled environment for a damage- and frustration-free experience.  In addition to installing bundles to Surfaces procured from MobileDemand, the company also offers a service to apply the rugged cases and screen protectors to already-owned devices.

As a service, MobileDemand to apply custom asset tag labels to each individual case. Asset tags allow users to maintain an efficient, effective system for controlling and tracking tablets. Either the customer can supply the list of tags to be used or MobileDemand can generate a comprehensive list for the customer. Other services offered are serial number generation and applying custom software images to each device.

The Surface 3 is temporarily out-of-stock and will continue to ship once Microsoft replenishes their stock.

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