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Partnering with ProfitSource at World Dairy Expo

The World Dairy Expo is one of the largest in the nation, hosting over 74,500 attendees in 2016. The 2017 Expo takes place October 3-7, and MobileDemand is teaming up with our partner ProfitSource to be present for the excitement.


During discussions with the MobileDemand team, Lee Mc Cauley of ProfitSource said, "I have been going to WDE for over 20 years. Among the Veterinarians, feed consultants and crop specialists that attend the show, I am now seeing a lot more general business people as well."


If you aren't familiar with the World Dairy Expo, many of the participants are there to compete, and exchange ideas or best practices. It also gives dairy enthusiasts the opportunity to share the latest products and services with the attendees. This is where ProfitSource and MobileDemand come in to play.


ProfitSource designs software like DairyQuest, RationPRO, and HeiferPRO, which provide accurate records for Professional Dairy Producers of all sizes. Partnering with MobileDemand means offering the entire hardware/software solution to run their business smoothly. Lee says his most popular is the xTablet T1550, because of it's rugged rating and size. If LTE is a necessary option, MobileDemand's T1600 is the route best-suited for those needs.

Whether you are a Professional Dairy Producer or just an enthusiast, come see us at the World Dairy Expo from October 3-7.

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