Powered Mounting Docks for Rugged Tablets

Powered Mounting Docks for Rugged Tablets

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There are many benefits to mounting a rugged tablet to a forklift, truck, or other vehicle. If you decide to mount a tablet, you are faced with many questions, but there is one you must ask yourself: How are you going to supply power to your tablet?

Powered Docking Systems

Rugged tablets have batteries, and many have the potential to last through an entire work shift. But when running numerous applications, and with work days often running longer than eight hours, sometimes batteries can’t keep up. There’s nothing worse than trying to get work done and running into issues because the battery in your rugged tablet died. This is when having a powered dock helps.

Not all powered docks are complicated and expensive. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding a charger that plugs directly into the auxiliary power outlet in your car or truck. In other situations, you may need something more specialized. Many available powered mounting docks offer additional or reinforced ports that increase the functionality or ruggedness of your tablet. Those particular mounts need to be hardwired to the battery of the vehicle to draw enough power to operate the tablet. In these scenarios, you need to make sure you have the proper equipment. Power converters and proper clamps and brackets will ensure your tablet remains safe and functional.

Forklift Mounting

If you are mounting your tablet to a forklift, it’s vital to know what kind of forklift you are operating. There are powered docks that can be hardwired directly to the forklift battery, but you need to know how much power the forklift battery is pushing out. Too little and the tablet won’t charge, too much could damage your tablet. You may need to purchase a power converter to avoid too much power being transferred to the tablet. There are several types of forklifts, each with different battery voltage ranges. It’s important to know the forklift specifications to ensure you use the proper equipment to keep your tablet safe.

MobileDemand Solutions

A rugged tablet is designed to be mobile. Depending on the design of the powered dock you choose, you may sacrifice that mobility. There are many docks available that allow you to mount your tablet, keep it secure, and won’t limit the mobility of your tablet. With a quick snap of a switch or flip of a lever, you can take the tablet with you. MobileDemand’s powered forklift/vehicle mount for the popular xTablet T1680 illustrates this point.

A powered dock for mounting can ensure your tablet will work as long as you do. Not sure which powered mounting dock you need? Request to download our Step-by-Step Guide to Mounting Rugged Tablets Whitepaper or reach out to our MobileDemand Sales Team.