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Press Release: MobileDemand Introduces Two New 10.1” Compact Rugged Tablets

The new high performance xTablet T1180 integrates Intel® 8th Generation Core i Series Processors.  

The xTablet A1180 has the latest Android 9 and is GMS Certified for Google Play applications. 

Both new rugged tablets based on successful 10.1” xTablet T1150’s compact size and functionality.  

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – October 15, 2019 MobileDemand introduced a set of 10.1-inch rugged tablets to the growing line of compact sized high-performance tablets for business enterprises. Today marks the launch of the xTablet T1180 rugged tablet with high performance Intel® 8th generation Core i Series processors and Windows® 10 Pro and the xTablet A1180 rugged tablet with Android 9 and GMS certification supporting Google Play applications. Complementing the popular and proven xTablet T1150, the new rugged tablets utilize the same mechanical frame and suite of accessories as the T1150. The xTablet 11X0 Series now includes the Windows 10 based tablets, the new high-performance T1180 and medium performance and value priced T1150, as well as the new A1180 tablet with Android, all utilizing the same and proven chassis, frame, and accessories.  


“We are pleased to release the additions to the proven xTablet T1150 this week, adding more power with the T1180 and industry-leading with the latest generation Android 9 with GMS,” says Matt Miller, President and founder of MobileDemand. We’re innovating at an ever-increasing pace, launching new rugged tablets and form factors to meet the various and unique needs of customers deploying mobile devices. The MobileDemand family of xTablets is truly unmatched in the industry, offering the Right Tablet for the Job for an increasing array of customers and use case scenarios.” 

Rugged Tablet T1180 and A1180 

xTablet T1180 – High Performance in Compact 10.1” Size Frame 

The new xTablet T1180 is housed in a compact, thin and light tablet and offers the Intel 8th generation i5-8200Y Amber Lake processor with a total of 8GB RAM and 128GB to 512GB SSD high performance storage. Another improvement is upgraded global 4G LTE cellular data capability and is expected to become certified by major US networks soon 


xTablet A1180 with Android 9 and GMS Certified 

The xTablet A1180 is the Android version of the tablet, boasting the same rugged features as the T1150/T1180, in the same compact, thin and light tablet, but with the latest Android 9.0 (Pie) operating system with GMS certification.  MobileDemand expects to have this tablet SOTI certified later this year. 


Made Rugged from the Inside Out 

Both tablets meet MIL-STD-810G from a 5-foot drop, IP65 sealed to withstand dust, dirt, rain and snow.  This allows companies to get work done while protecting their investment.  With the end user in mind, the tablets feature ergonomic considerations like glove-fitting back hand strap and a briefcase handle. These carrying accessories make the tablet easier to carry and hold while in use and helps to keep the tablet secure in the hands, being less likely to be dropped.  


Mount the T1180/A1180 Anywhere 

There are multiple powered and non-powered docking stations available for the T1180 and A1180, like the T1150, depending on what the job requires.  They both can utilize the proven T1150 vehicle mount for use in a forklift or cab of a vehicle. Another mounting option includes a patented Snap Mount system. The optional mounting rail is ultra-slim and sturdy, adding functionality in the field to mount the tablet to walls, beams, bars, sides of machinery, counters, desks, cabs of vehicles, and even securely mount it in forklifts. The mount is engineered for quick insertion and release of the rugged tablet – perfect for situations where workers are in and out of vehicles or need to undock from a forklift 

 Forklift Mounting

An innovative magnetic mount system is available to magnetically attached to metal walls and sides of machinery or vehicles without having to drill holes. MobileDemand also offers RAM mounting solutions to work with existing mounting systems.   


Enhancements for Productivity 

From a company who specializes in improving productivity for enterprise businesses, the T1180/A1180 wouldn’t be complete without a variety of productivity add-ons.  For barcode scanning in warehousing or shipping/receiving, users can opt for a high performance, integrated 2D barcode scanner. Digital 3D scans of objects using the Intel® RealSense Depth Camera D415. Or retailers can add an MSR for taking credit card payments from anywhere – great for quick-serve restaurants, line busting, or open-air markets. 


About MobileDemand 

Offering a broad family of devices, MobileDemand is a one-stop shop for powerful, all-weather rugged tablets with Microsoft® Windows or Android, and rugged cases for Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad. xTablet ruggedized devices are the ideal tools for improving productivity and mobile worker decision making. With a portfolio of ten patents, MobileDemand is an innovator in mobile device productivity to industries such as retail, manufacturing, warehousing, field service, transportation, and healthcare as well as military and other public sectors. Tablets start at only $595. Additional information available at www.RuggedTabletPC.com.   


Microsoft and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. 

Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries. 

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