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Why You Should Be Mounting Tablets on Forklifts

It's no secret that warehouses are busy places which require precise tracking of its inventory. But would it surprise you that there are companies who are still using paper and pencil for all of their warehousing operations? 

Modern technology, such as forklift-mounted tablets, can help those companies move away from their dependance on paper and on to a more secure and efficient system. No matter the application, whether it's cross docking, pick and putaway, inventory tracking, maintenance or management, companies who've already made the switch to tablets are enjoying the many cross-functional benefits.

Here are several reasons why rugged tablets mounted on forklifts can help improve productivity and efficiency in warehouse and manufacturing facilities:

  • Versatile mounting systems - Whether the tablet is going to be permanently mounted in a fork truck or will be moving from place to place, there are durable mounting solutions for each application. 
  • Vibration is not a concern - The rugged tablets and mounting brackets are built to survive constant vibration caused by the surface in which the forklift is driving on. Watch the tablet vibration test!
  • Secure Windows OS - Windows 7 or 8.1 Professional provides built-in security features to keep your data secure throughout your warehousing facilities.
  • Peripherals - Need to scan barcodes? No problem. All devices come with USB ports and Bluetooth. Need a full QWERTY keyboard? No problem. Connect one via Bluetooth or USB and mount it alongside the tablet. 
  • Sealed from the elements - Dust and rain will not be an issue. 

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