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Recap of Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Last week was Microsoft's annual Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) where hardware and software innovators come together to learn about the latest happenings in the world of Microsoft and their partners. Throughtout the event, demonstrations were given to some pretty cool new innovations. Here are our top takeaways from the conference.

  • Windows 10 - We've been blogging about the new operating system for months now! The OS is all about productivity and getting things done whether it's school work or large projects for multi-national corporations. It is available starting July 29.
  • HoloLens - Could this be the future of computing? microsoft-hololens-business-enterpriseMicrosoft HoloLens is the first fully untethered, see-through holographic computer. It enables high-definition holograms to come to life in your world, seamlessly integrating with your physical places, spaces, and things. This experience has been coined "mixed reality". Holograms mixed with your real world will unlock all-new ways to create, communicate, work, and play.  Watch this cool demo from the WPC keynote using HoloLens as a 3D graphic art and design tool. 
  • New Office 365 - The new Office 365 enterprise suite (fall 2015 release) will include Cloud PBX, analytics, Power BI and advanced security features to prevent breaches in corporate data. This all equals out to a more complete solution for enterprise productivity and efficiency. 
  • Project GigJam - This tool empowers microsoft-project-gigjam-on-tabletsbusiness workers to spontaneously gather, assign, and track information from their line of business and SaaS apps. Project GigJam breaks down the barriers between people, devices, and apps to expedite business tasks. GigJam is simple to use: you just summon the information you need, circle and cross to divvy up, and tap on people to involve them. Whether people are face to face, or available by phone, or busy at the moment, it doesn’t matter – each will get the information and tools they need, and their work will be synchronized.

Overall, Microsoft is making huge strides when it comes to innovations in products and services. The above items are just a snippet of what they're working on on a daily basis. Stay tuned for more great information!

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