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Press Release: Re-imagined iPad Case Folio Cover Meets Education Needs

MobileDemand is on a mission to help empower students to achieve more by providing rugged solutions to meet educational needs of the everyday student. In modern digital learning environments with a 1:1 tablet to student ratio, there is a growing need for protecting private and public-school investments. MobileDemand saw this as an opportunity to better serve a market where regular plastic cases and folio covers simply weren’t enough to protect these devices. 

The original design of our magnetic iPad Folio Cover provides additional screen protection, while adapting the magnetic wake/sleep feature to preserve battery life. In addition, specific modifications were made to enhance functionality by providing several clear pockets for ID badges, school asset tags, and even a place to add the school logo to showcase school spirit. 

After the initial release, and because we have the unique ability to receive real-time feedback with local educators and students, it allows us to perfect and streamline user experience even further. That’s exactly what’s happening thanks to MobileDemand’s latest enhancements to the iPad 9.7” case folio cover, launching Summer 2019. 


What is the Newly Redesigned iPad 9.7” Folio Cover All About? 

The newly improved iPad 9.7” Folio Cover from MobileDemand is the perfect companion to enhance the brand’s best-selling Rugged iPad Case to meet education needs. We are a proven rugged expert who wanted to ensure that every student device was protected by the same military grade rugged cases as what was recently tested for lasting more than 1,000 drops and even surviving a 35 foot rooftop drop. 

However, we didn’t stop at simply ruggedizing the solution. It also needed to be fashionable, seamlessly compatible with a 9.7” iPad, while maintaining practical use for the everyday student. 

With this re-imagined cover designed specifically to meet education needs, it can easily adapt and cater to any school environment — 1:1 tablet to student classroom situations, extra-curricular activities like sporting events and field trips, lunchrooms, school gift shops, concession sales and more. 

What makes the iPad 9.7” Folio Cover unique isn’t just the rugged protection, however. As an add-on feature, this package also allows for mounting to increase usability. MobileDemand’s snap mounts create additional uses for this ultra-versatile solution. Whether you need to mount an iPad to a desk, wall, or on a tripod for recording school events, we have you covered with our add-on mounting capabilities. 

New Enhanced Features Empowers Students to Achieve More 

A brief run-down of newly added features show where students and educators will find these improvements most useful: 

  • Users can now use the provided screws along with the magnets to securely attach the cover. No more falling off while rushing from one class to the next or when packing into an already overfilled backpack. 
  • Anyone using it will appreciate the pockets added to the exterior. These easy-to-access pockets can be used for student ID cards, business cards, barcoded asset tags or other related items like school logos to showcase school spirit. 
  • The magnetized design helps the cover stay shut and controls an automatic wake/sleep function which will help save battery life.
  • Creative tab designed directly onto the cover for easier opening.
  • Newly redesigned nubs and bumpers—by removing the nubs and making the bumpers smaller with slick rubber, students can slide a protected iPad into a backpack much easier than before.
  • In addition to the magnetized design, a widened, stretchable loop will help to ensure the cover stays closed for additional screen protection. 

Even though its innovative design is simple to use for students and educators across the K-12 spectrum, we’ve identified and understand that it’s sometimes necessary for customization. That’s why we’ve included powerful add-on features that cater to your specific needs. 

Additional add-on features include: 

  • Ability to bundle everything together and have it all pre-installed, ready for use upon delivery! That’s right, we can include not just the rugged protection, but the iPads themselves, screen protectors, folio cover, and rugged case entirely pre-installed at our dust-free facility to ensure a hassle (and bubble) free experience! Learn more about our iPad bundles. 
  • Showcase your school colors! Ability to mix and match folio cover and case color options (minimum order quantity required). 
  • Mounting solutions to create an ultra-versatile experience. 
  • Briefcase handle for increased functionality and making it easier than ever to carry between classes, while on field trips, at events or when you’re quickly on-the-go. 
  • Attachable barcode scanner for quickly scanning on-the-go
  • Attachable MSR to accept credit and debit cards (available soon). 


Who is the iPad Folio Cover Designed For?  

This is the ideal solution for students’ 1:1 working on their iPads inside classrooms for today’s DLE (digital learning environment). Because of the 3 different viewing positions (flat, low and high), students may prop the device as needed to create their ideal learning scenario, as well as to help maintain healthy postures. 

Educators can also use it in various environments to ensure school investments last longer. Using iPads in lunch rooms, for maintenance purposese, during field trips or sporting events just got much safer with MobileDemand’s rugged cases. We even include a basic warranty for any manufacturer defects.


Community Involvement 

Because the folio cover was meticulously designed and tested with educators and students in mind, and to celebrate the launch of our re-imagined solution, MobileDemand is excited to announce that 500 cases and folio covers will be donated to Xavier High School, located in Cedar Rapids, IA. With a total value of over $25,000, this donation will help improve the learning experiences of their students and will be delivered before the start of the 2019 school year. 

Protecting mobile devices in an ever-demanding student's life is crucial. Now there’s a simple and affordable solution for students and schools alike. Educators and parents can rest knowing that a proven rugged expert has created the perfect solution to meet educational needs. 


About MobileDemand  

Customer focused. Innovative. Meticulously designed and tested to Demand More™.  

Founded in 2003 by Matt Miller in Cedar Rapids, IA, MobileDemand® designs and provides rugged tablet solutions used by mobile workers in many verticals, the largest being manufacturing, warehousing, field service, retail, education and many other industries in both the public and private sector. 

The MobileDemand portfolio of products, software and services are designed tough so users are highly productive even in harsh and fast-paced environments. 

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