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Rugged iPad Case Drops from New Heights

At MobileDemand, we put all our products through several of the rigorous tests of MIL-STD-810G, and our rugged case for iPad® 9.7-inch is no exception. So, on a warm summer day, we suited up and started dropping.


With the unprecedented success of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro® case surviving drop heights of 8-feet, we wasted no time in taking the 9.7-inch iPad case to the extreme. Starting at the height the 10.5-inch case finished at, we began our tests at 8 feet. So…with cameras rolling, we let the iPad fall.


And fall it did – again and again for 26 drops. The case handled every blow, and at the end of 26 drops from 8 feet, the iPad worked flawlessly. So, we increased the drop height to an astonishing 10 feet. With the same case and the same tablet, the drops began again. Everything was good, until drop 16. That is when our first tablet finally failed. The tablet and case survived a total of 42 drops between the 8- and 10-foot drop heights. Although we did experience one more tablet failure during the 10-foot drop test, the MobileDemand 9.7-inch rugged iPad case successfully completed the MIL-STD-810G requirements for the soaring height of 10-feet.

As with all our products, the case for the iPad 9.7-inch is built to be rugged. Even though we experienced two failed tablets at the 10-foot mark, the case still qualifies for MIL-STD-810G. The design, which includes rubber bumpers, a rubber sleeve, and ridged plastic shell, is optimized to keep your iPad safe in tough environments. Add in our signature briefcase handle and back hand strap, it’s easier than ever to take your iPad with you anywhere you go – or in our case, up the ladder to drop it.


We know most people aren’t going to be throwing their iPad 10 feet into the air. Most people are either going to be carrying it around or mounting it somewhere. And with the rugged xCase, mounting is as easy as carrying, thanks to MobileDemand patented snap mount system. Walls, desks, vehicles, there’s nothing to it when it comes to mounting your iPad. And, with a quick push of a lever, your iPad is mobile once again. Need even more protection? MobileDemand also offers a chemically strengthened 9.7-inch iPad screen protector.


You might wonder why we would go to such great “heights” to ensure our products survive these extremes. It’s because we know our customers Expect More, Demand More, and Do More.

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