Innovation Announcement: NEW Rugged Protection for the Ultimate iPad Pro 11 and the Mighty iPad Mini

Innovation Announcement: NEW Rugged Protection for the Ultimate iPad Pro 11 and the Mighty iPad Mini

Rugged, enterprise-ready cases for iPad are primed for productivity-enhancing add-ons.

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September 6, 2019 at 12:06:00 AM PDT September 6, 2019 at 12:06:00 AM PDTth, September 6, 2019 at 12:06:00 AM PDT

More and more companies are starting to run their workforces from powerful consumer-grade tablets, like iPads®, that meet their on-the-go business needs. Unfortunately, consumer grade tablets aren’t designed for rough-and-tumble industries like beverage distribution, warehousing, or logistics. That’s where MobileDemand is filling the gap, with a steady cadence of product launches focused on ruggedizing consumer grade tablets and improving productivity.

More Protection than ever for iPads

MobileDemand already offers hardware solutions to provide rugged protection the iPad 9.7", the iPad Pro 10.5", and new iPad Air 10.5". Introducing innovative rugged cases for the newly released iPad Pro 11" and iPad Mini! The new cases make either iPad easy to carry with a detachable briefcase handle. They’re easier to hold with a leather back hand strap designed for working while standing. They’re proven rugged, add-on ready, and easy to mount wherever businesses need to get work done.

The Ultimate iPad for Rugged Industries

The iPad Pro 11" features the most advanced technology, more powerful than most PC laptops making it the perfect tool for rugged industries that require a lot of processing power. The engineers at MobileDemand have designed the rugged case to simply enhance and protect without getting in the way of what the iPad Pro 11" is designed to do for business, turning it into the ultimate iPad for rugged industries.

The Rugged Mighty Mini

The iPad Mini, because of its more compact form factor, with power beyond its size, is perfect for on-the-go work! Compact. Portable. Pocketable. But don’t let the size fool you – with the MobileDemand rugged xCase, the iPad Mini is transformed to the “rugged mighty Mini!”

The future of Rugged Consumer Grade Tablets

Where the competition stops at protecting consumer grade devices like iPads, MobileDemand is just getting started! Engineers at MobileDemand understand positioning. And adding more technology to improve productivity into the hardware solutions is how they’re changing the game in the industry.

John E. Chis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing said “Engrained in the DNA of our company is to always be searching and finding new ways to increase productivity and drive down cost so the work force can operate more efficiently. Our customers are our compass – we listen to their business issues and put ourselves in their shoes when developing new products. And our future is extremely bright as we continue to be students of the business, developing leading-edge products that are needed in the rugged tablet space.”

How Rugged is a MobileDemand iPad Case? See it in action!

MobileDemand doesn’t just talk about how rugged their iPad tablet cases are, they put them to the test. Recently, the rugged iPad 9.7” case was tested, easily surviving 1,000 consecutive drops at over 4 feet. To keep things interesting, they took it to the roof, dropping it over 35 feet onto asphalt and it still worked! MobileDemand offers rugged case solutions for several iPad models, including the iPad 9.7", iPad Pro and iPad Air 10.5".