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Rugged Tablet Accessories

Rugged tablets are able to withstand the harshest working conditions. Yet, as useful as they are, their benefits don’t end with their mobility. A rugged tablet can be made even more useful by adding accessories. 


Accessories increase the utility of any tablet and allows them to be customized to the exact job that is required of it. While accessories such as extended batteries or hand straps would be useful for nearly any job, there are many accessories that work well when used in combination with the same tablet. 


A good example is a tablet that will be used in retail. In retail, inventory is constantly being filled, depleted, and monitored. This process can be made easier with a rugged tablet. While a tablet alone would be useful, if it’s paired with the right accessories, then it would make employees even more efficient. If the tablet is paired with a barcode scanner and a scan handle, inventory would be even quicker. Add a credit card reader to the tablet and you would not only be able to keep track of inventory, but you’d be able to perform checkouts anywhere the tablet is as well.  




Other accessories are not meant to be used while the tablet is in use, but that doesn’t make them any less desirable. A tablet dock would be useful if your company deploys several tablets. A dock could allow several devices to be charged at the same time, or you could have a few more tablets charging as backups to those out in the field.  


Other mounts are equally as useful. Forklift, truck, or car mounting makes it even easier to use tablet on the go. There are numerous accessories that will make your tablet a more versatile tool that can help get the job done faster and with fewer troubles. What accessories do you use for your job?

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