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Competing Rugged Tablets Put to the Test by ComputerWorld

When you put a $695 rugged tablet up against $2000+ rugged tablets in a series of torture tests, you'd think that the less expensive device wouldn't survive as well as the others. 

Not so fast!

mobiledemand-panasonic-getac-tablet-comparisonIn a recent article and video published by ComputerWorld, a broad-based enterprise technology website, the $695 xTablet Flex 10 from MobileDemand performed just as well in the torture tests as the expensive fully rugged tablets from Panasonic, Getac and Samsung. The tests include dropping to concrete, vibration and having water dumped on the unit. 

Choosing the right tablet for the job can sometimes mean the job requires fully rugged tablets which are typically priced over $2,000. Sometimes the right tablet for the job can be a much lower priced rugged device like the xTablet Flex 10 priced at $695. Only one tablet provider, MobileDemand, has the variety and family of tablets to actually choose that right tablet for the job.

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  • “At 1.0 x 10.8 x 7.4 in. and 2.0 lb., this is the smallest and lightest of the Windows rugged tablets and the easiest to carry around. I really liked the Flex 10's included hand strap, which attaches to the back of the unit and made it easier to hold and use the screen while standing."
  • “After I dropped, spilled on and shook the system, the Flex 10 was unscathed”

Visit the ComputerWorld website to read the tablet comparison article and to watch the rugged testing video

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