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Rugged Tools for the New Year

As we begin the new year, you may be thinking of ways to make your business more efficient. There are plenty of things you can do. Hiring new employees or upgrading equipment are just a few options, but have you thought of adding some new equipment? Rugged tablets might just be the thing you've been looking for.  


A rugged tablet can help in almost any field you work in. From construction to field service, distribution to manufacturing, retail to law enforcement, rugged tablets have the ability to increase your workers’ productivity in those rough environments. 


The reason for this is its durability. Drops, spills, and vibrations won’t damage a rugged tablet like it potentially could its consumer counterpart. This allows them to be taken into the rough environments where such technology would otherwise be unable to operate One example is a forklift. A forklift vibrates while in operation so much so that most consumer grade tablets malfunction after a short time. The right rugged tablet is able to handle the vibration and continue to operate without any issue. 

Already have a consumer grade tablet? We also have a host of rugged cases that can take the durability of your iPad or Surface tablet to the next level.



Another benefit to a rugged tablet is the operating system. Many rugged tablets run a full version of Windows 10. This enables them to use the same software that desktop computers would use, allowing the software to be used on the go. No more running back and forth between your job and a computer.


Here are just a few ways we’ve seen our rugged tablets and cases being used: 


Police – Our tablets are very popular among police stations. They are small and compact yet powerful enough to run their software. Theyve been mounted in cars and even on motorcycles.  


First Responders – More than just police use our tablets. Other first responders such as firemen and EMTs have also taken our tablets into the field. They have been used in everything from being a mounted monitor to being taken out into the field as a control unit for firehoses. 


Universities – Universities have also been getting behind rugged tablets. Utilizing them both in the lab as well as out in the field allows them to take technology wherever they need. 


Retail – Retailers have been using the built-in scanners to keep track of products, making their inventory process faster and more accurate. Many have even added magnetic strip readers for sales on the go. 




And that’s just a few of the places our rugged tablets and cases have gone. Farming, construction, mining, oil drills, warehouses, pit crews. Our tablets and cases have made it into all kinds of rough environments and continue to operate so that everyone can stay productive. 


With the ability to help in everything from coordinating construction crews to tracking cattle medical records, the uses of a rugged tablet and cases are only as limited as the uses you can think up. They can help in almost any industry and are versatile enough to keep up with the demands from nearly any field. How can a rugged tablet help you be more productive this year? 

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