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Rugged xCase to Fit The New iPad® Air 10.5” Tablet

Technology is ever-evolving, making what we had yesterday obsolete.  It can be tough to keep up and find solutions to protect our new devices when Apple® introduces a new model. On March 18, 2019, the 10.5-inch iPad® Pro from Apple® was discontinued and replaced by a 10.5-inch iPad® Air.  Fortunately the Rugged xCase designed for 10.5” iPads from MobileDemand fits both models!

Our 10.5” Rugged xCase

Engineered for enterprise productivity, the MobileDemand rugged xCase for iPad Pro 10.5" and iPad Air 10.5" provides unparalleled durability and superior protection. Shock absorbing rubber corner bumpers along with a structurally rigid shell protect the iPad throughout daily operations. The tablet is transformed into an easy-to-carry device with the back-hand strap and briefcase handle attachments, which are included. 

A single iPad in a MobileDemand Rugged xCase still functioned properly even after 26 drops at 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 feet high.  Plus, with our sturdy tablet case, a 10.5” iPad Pro or iPad Air becomes easy to hold or to carry around from work stations to warehouses or schools.  It also becomes mountable, designed to be used with RAM mounts for vehicles, machines, forklifts, walls or work stations.  In addition, users can easily attach other rugged tools from mag strip readers to 3D cameras.  Screen protectors made from strengthened glass are also available from MobileDemand.

Although our Rugged xCases are designed to be rugged for rugged industries like warehousing, logistics, industrial manufacturing, law enforcement, and many others, they transition well to environments like education with children of all ages in school settings, where tablets are carried around the classroom.  Just like accidents that happen at work, youngsters who are still developing their coordination are even more prone to drop a tablet.  And teenagers are known for being rough in general!  With our rugged xCase for 10.5” iPad Pro and iPad Air, dropped tablets are less concerning to teachers as well as to public and private school budgets.  After all it is much cheaper to replace a broken rugged tablet case than it is to replace an iPad.

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