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SMB's Have Plethora of Windows 10 Device Choices

 Rugged Tablet Bar Code ScanningThe productivity and efficiency needs of small and midsize businesses are as individual and unique as the products and services that set them apart. A graphic designer needs processor power, professional software and a crystal-clear display. A clothing retailer wants to use a single device to process customer payments and analyze the business data. A sales manager needs to keep up with mail and messages on the go, in real time. To choose the best device, businesses must know who will use it, where they will use it, and what it will be used for. Those needs will result in different priorities for size, weight and style, but all businesses agree that they want the most powerful and secure computer they can get for their budget.

Fortunately, businesses have more devices than ever to help them process transactions, communicate quickly and analyze data — all building on the power of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft works with partners throughout the tech ecosystem to equip a growing number of devices with the newest, most secure Windows ever. This helps businesses choose the form factors, styles and prices that fit their needs, while enjoying a consistent experience with universal apps, familiar features and advanced security.

“One size does not fit all,” says Jordan Chrysafidis, vice president of U.S. OEM at Microsoft. “For one business, ruggedness is a must have; for another, touch-screen tablet versatility comes first. But they all need devices that are secure, easy to use and always up to date. By partnering with manufacturers to support a broad range of devices with Windows 10, we’re helping businesses get exactly what they need most.”

(Post courtesy of Windows for Business Blog)

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