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SPAR 3D Touts Benefits of Rugged Tablet with 3D Camera

Sean Higgins, SPAR 3D Editor, recently spoke with MobileDemand President Matt Miller about the xTablet T8650, the first-to-market rugged tablet with an integrated 3D camera. Here's the article from SPAR 3D:

MobileDemand’s xTablet T8650 is a rugged handheld device designed for 3D measurement. It boasts an 8” display, weighs under two pounds, has an IP rating of 65 (it’s sealed against water and dust), survives 26 drops onto plywood over concrete from five feet in the air, and can withstand operating temperatures from -10° C to 50° C.

It’s also one of the very first products on the market to use Intel’s RealSense 3D sensor, and to our knowledge the first intended for commercial use.

3D Camera Tablet for Business So, who is it for? SPAR 3D caught up with MobileDemand founder and president Matt Miller for more.

3D for Construction

Miller says that being early to market with a RealSense device means that they are still exploring the xTablet T8650’s potential markets. This is one the main reasons the company attended SPAR’s conference this year–and, not surprisingly, they found a lot of interest from the indoor surveying and construction crowd.

As Miller explained, the rugged tablet with 3D camera could be used by construction companies to get quick dimensions for a room during a remodel. But he realized the form-factor and price makes it ideal for even smaller jobs, too.

He said, “I think there could be applications like: You point it at a window and it recognizes the window and gives you the dimensions quickly. So we’re also talking with window companies that would be able to come into a home and measure the window’s dimensions and then say, ‘These are the sets of windows that would be able to fit within that frame.’ They could drag and drop to show real-time cost updates.”

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