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Surface Pro 4 Case for Field Applications

Rugged Carrying Case for SurfaceOff-the-shelf mobile devices tend to be fragile. Fragile enough where a simple drop of a cell phone or tablet to a solid surface could result in a shattered screen, or even worse, a completely demolished device. It's unfortunate, but it's reality across all consumer-grade devices including Android, iOS and Windows.

With sales of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 surging in both the consumer and business segments, more and more individuals are understanding the need for protective carrying cases for those devices. There's no doubt that it's a high quality, sturdy tablet, but for some field business applications, that's just not enough. Protect those tablets with a rugged Surface Pro 4 case to ensure the IT investment you made was a sound decision.

Rugged cases don't guarantee that the device won't be damaged if dropped, it protects it. Not only does it protect the Surface, but it transforms the tablet into a mobile productivity tool. Offering multiple carrying options, the now easy-to-carry Surface Pro 4 can go with mobile workers in to the field in a less risky fashion. The rugged case protects the ports from water and dust ingress and the shock-absorbing corners bumpers are an added element in device protection. For applications doing a lot of data entry, utilize the Type Cover Keyboard and fully adjustable easel. 

It's more than just slapping a case on the tablet and handing it to your mobile workforce. It's important to consider the specific industry and applications and search for areas where productivity and efficiency can be improved. 

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