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Why Choose Surface Tablets for Education

Higher Education Surface TabletSurface brings all the best tools for teaching and learning together in one device. It has the full power of a laptop in a lightweight touchscreen tablet form. And, with best-in-class digital inking capabilities, Surface Pro 4 can replace pen and paper in your classroom.

Pen and paper. Evolved.

Surface provides a precise, on-screen digital pen input that enhances student learning through handwritten note taking. It allows students to more accurately express their ideas and gives them the freedom to solve complex problems and equations.

Any learner, any age

Cater to any learning style or any age with one device. Create personalized learning experiences for each student through all forms of learning activities—reading, writing, presenting, recording, touching, and typing.

Ultra mobile

Surface supports student learning anytime, anywhere. At only 1.4 pounds and 10.8 inches, Surface 3 is lightweight and thinner than most books—making it easy to carry. With built-in Wi-Fi and 4G LTE2 available, students can do their work on the bus, at home, and at school.

Introducing OneNote Class Notebooks

Teachers and students now have everything in one location: homework, exams, handouts, and more. OneNote allows seamless content delivery and a collaborative, digital workspace. 

Create an efficient, secure learning environment

Surface and Windows provide the foundation for a consistent, controlled, and protected learning environment.

  • Security - TPM, BitLocker, Computrace
  • Manageable - Windows Intune, SCCM
  • Connected - WiFi, 4G LTE2, USB, micro USB
  • Support - 3 or 4 year extended warranty and support plans
  • Student privacy - Bing in the Classroom ad-free search, Windows Family Safety
  • Battery - 9-10 hours

When replacing iPads in the classroom or purchasing new tablets, consider Surface bundles / packages which include a rugged case and screen protector that is pre-applied to the Surface tablet before being shipped to the customer.

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