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xTablet Forklift-Mounted Rugged Tablets Provide Functionality, Efficiency & Accuracy Where the Work Gets Done

Rugged tablets have become vital tools for efficient and effective warehousing. These devices can be mounted on forklifts, carts and truck dashboards or carried across warehouse floors without fear of damage from strong vibrations, rough handling and drops. Tablet computers are used in many applications as a component of warehouse management systems (WMS). Warehouse managers research solutions that provide greater flexibility and can withstand the harsh operating environments.

According to a survey from Ivanti and VDC Research, the potential for device damage in warehouses is great, with nonrugged devices receiving a failure rate of 19.8 percent, compared to 3.8 for rugged devices. On average, the report says, workers experience 30-40 minutes of downtime due to device failure. Additionally, top priorities continue to be order accuracy and labor optimization, alongside the initiative for faster shipping.

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Using an all-in-one Windows tablet eliminates the need for multiple specialty devices and allows warehouse workers to fulfill orders accurately and efficiently, including receiving, picking, shipping and inventory using warehouse management software written for a standard Windows IT environment. This system communicates seamlessly with back-office WMS, accounting and business software.

Inventory Management

Thanks to wireless communication options and accessories, tablets with barcode scanners/imagers, RFID, and 3D cameras can provide visibility of a company’s complete inventory database. Cycle counts and other inventory audits can be performed quickly and easily via scanning and image capture tools built into or attached to MobileDemand's rugged xTablet. The enhanced user interface is modern, visually oriented and customizable.

Barcode Scanner Tablet, rugged tablet for warehousing, rugged tablets for manufacturing 

Shipping & Receiving

With a combination of rugged portability and large sunlight viewable screen sizes, xTablets are well suited for shipping and receiving tasks as a fixed-mounted device, often on a forklift or cart. Smart terminals at entrance and exit points can automatically scan stock codes, sending information to the rugged tablet for immediate storage in the WMS. Streamlining shipping and receiving processes with rugged tablets helps companies reduce errors, improve speed and efficiency, and save money.

forklift mounted tablet solutions, rugged tablets for warehousing, or rugged tablets for manufacturing

Picking & Labeling

A WMS with rugged tablet technology provides real-time inventory data to workers as they complete order-picking tasks. Employees can monitor their own progress and workflow, deviate from a prescribed list in order to maximize efficiency and asset use, and improve inventory management with easy wireless labeling tools. RAM mount compatible powered forklift and vehicle docks and can be direct wired to the forklift or vehicle power source.

forklift mounted tablet solutions, rugged tablets for warehousing, or rugged tablets for manufacturing


Task lists and instructions are displayed directly on employees’ warehousing tablets, either in hand or docked on a cart or forklift, removing the guesswork and making sure items arrive at their correct locations. Mulitple bay battery charges allow users to hotswap batteries mid-shift with no downtime or lost data.

Rugged mobile computers improve the efficiency of workers in many fields. Warehousing is another example how workers can get more done in less time when they have the best tools. Consumer grade and entry-level rugged tablets cannot compete with the xTablet in rugged heavy-use environments. Invest for a long-term, high-quality, data crunching technology powerhouse, before noticing the effects of lost productivity due to device downtime for repairs and replacements.

Watch how Japs-Olsen, a bulk direct mail and commercial print company, experienced improvement from MobileDemand forklift mounted xTablets in their daily operations. Read the case study.  

To get a quote, or advice on the right rugged tablet for your use case, email Sales@MobileDemand.com or call at 319.363.4121.

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