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Tablets Transforming the Airline Industry

Airline at AirportThese days, tablets are the devices that pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance personnel need to stay connected to both their teams and vital real-time information. In the air or on the ground, tablets such as the Microsoft Surface helps airlines meet operational requirements and deliver exceptional customer service.

Electronic Flight Bag

Replace your traditional pilot’s briefcase with a new electronic flight bag, powered by Surface. At a fraction of the weight and volume of paper publications, airlines save on fuel costs due to weight reductions and pilots gain access to real-time navigation information and critical third party apps like Jeppesen’s FliteDeckPro.

  • Lightweight, durable, and portable devices with long lasting battery life
  • Mobile access to productivity tools and critical apps
  • Enterprise-grade security and manageability
  • Provides email, schedules, training and corporate update access to mobile teams

Below the Wing

Engineers and maintenance crews need computing power to support the aircraft below the wing. Surface has the durability, performance specs, and battery life airline workers need in a robust, lightweight tablet.

  • Lightweight, durable and rugged device that withstands rigors of outdoor environments
  • Enables maintenance process automation and operational efficiency
  • Unique pen capabilities including click for OneNote with Surface Pen1
  • Lync, Skype and email help communicate between cockpit, terminal, and tarmac teams
  • Enterprise-grade security and manageability

Staff Enablement

Airline service, whether at the curb or counter, in the lounge or in the air, is all about up-to-date information and personalized service. Surface tablets enables the crew to engage more with their customers and connect with a distributed team. 

  • 2-in-1 form factor to leverage benefits of laptop and tablet
  • Respond to customer needs and tough points immediately
  • Enterprise-grade security and manageability
  • Access to real-time customer history and preference through centralized data

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