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The Case for Rugged Good Looks - For Your iPad or iPad Pro

The iPad. It’s something the entire world has come to know and love. Its sleek, stylish design and incredible computing power has pushed it to the forefront of the tablet world. Yet, as with many consumer-grade tablets, it has one major flaw. It’s fragile. 

Bringing an iPad® 9.7-inch or iPad Pro®10.5-inch into the rugged world can be difficult due to the simple fact that it was built to be powerful and visibly attractive, not rugged and tough. Most of the tablet’s accessories follow that same trend. Many of the cases on the market for the iPad are sharp, fashionable, and flimsy. They offer little protection, barely managing to keep the tablet safe from a light bump. But they look good, even if they can easily become a very expensive paperweight. That’s where MobileDemand is different. The rugged good looks of our products are different than what iPad owners are used to, but we can keep your iPad safer than any other case on the market. 

Why do our cases look so different from other cases? The short answer is because other cases aren’t built to be ruggedthey’re built to look good. We Demand More™. We put utility above appearances. The MobileDemand xCase was built with ruggedness, versatility, and true mobility at the front of our minds, not aesthetics 

The MobileDemand Rugged case was designed by rugged experts, people who know rugged inside and out. The outer shell is designed using PC/ABS alloy and molded for a perfect fit. It is neither too thick, which would make it nearly impossible to place on the iPad, nor too thin, which would make it structurally weak. It’s then given a scratch-resistant coating to further increase its protective qualities.   

The rubber boot on the inside is built with the same precision. The corner bumpers have been designed to keep a low profile while offering maximum protection for your iPad. The rubber boot itself provides shock absorption, making sure your tablet survives a nasty fall. 

Every aspect of MobileDemand’s  case was designed to be rugged so your iPad can go where you go, without fear of breaking. Being productive and keeping your iPad or iPad Pro functional is important. If you want a case that will keep your investment safe in any industry, then we’ve got you covered. 

Need to know more? You can find more information here, or contact one of our Rugged Tablet Experts at Sales@MobileDemand.com 319.363.4121.  

We Demand More. Will you? 

Rugged iPad Case

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