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The New Era in the Manufacturing Industry -- Secure, Rugged Tablets

To respond to the many challenges manufacturing and resources companies are facing today, organizations of all sizes must maximize the efficiency and efficacy of their mobile workforces. Mobile technologies such as rugged tablets allow workers to be productive and connected without a desk.

rugged-tablets-for-manufacturing-industryTo realize the potential of the workforce, manufacturers must harness the power of data. Field workers and design review employees alike need access to current, critical files wherever they are working. It is inefficient to print out or download data at a field office and take it on the road, only to find that the data is out-of-date by the time the worker gets to the worksite.  These workers require access to the information they need in real time.

Field workers are often on site or on the plant floor and they need to be able to communicate in real-time in order to be productive. Automating manual workstreams of the field workers to eliminate paper forms and filing procedures will save both time and money.  Similarly, design review employees are out in the field or away from their desks, sharing 3D design ideas.  They, too, need to be able to access their complex files, while maintaining the fidelity of the design, to share and collaborate with colleagues and partners.

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Broadening data access cannot come at the expense of data security, however. Design files, operational data, and customer data all must be carefully managed and shared only with the right audience. Regulatory compliance is an ever more complex business requirement that must be maintained across new technologies.

Manufacturers need tablets to meet current challenges and stay ahead of the competition. The newest solutions for the manufacturing industry include Windows 8 rugged PC tablets, which can arm field workers with the information and tools they need to boost productivity and efficiencies, improve problem resolution, and save time, all with a rugged tablet. 


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