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The Value of xProtect Service Plan

Accidents happen, especially in industries that use rugged tablets. That's why MobileDemand offers the xProtect Service Plan to take your tablet protection to the next level. Plus, every MobileDemand rugged tablet includes a limited manufacturer’s warranty, and we offer service for retired MobileDemand products

MobileDemand Service Technicians go the extra mile to help you stay productive. Any time you send in a tablet, our technicians ensure your tablet is ready-to-deploy when you get it back. Plus, with a three-day in-shop turnaround on repairs, your tablet will be back to you in no time.  

Benefits of xProtect include: 

  • Three-day turnaround – does not include transit time to and from the repair depot 
  • Protection for accidental damage and product defects
  • Set pricing for the term of coverage term (1, 2, or 3 years) purchased at the time the hardware is purchased, or up to 30 days after
  • Telephone technical support at 855-501-TECH (8324)
  • 24/7 online access to MobileDemand support FAQs and other product information
  • Create Return Material Authorization (RMA) requests 24/7 via online portal 

    When you ship your tablet in for repairs, it comes directly into our shop where our on-site technicians will get it fixed and quickly shipped back to you so you can stay productive. With xProtect, downtime of a broken tablet is kept to a minimum.

For further information or questions, contact our Technical Support team.

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