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Three Ways 2D Barcodes Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Automated data collection systems, like barcoding, are a key method of ensuring data accuracy, reduce risk and increase traceability. Today's supply chains continue to grow in complexity which requires them to utilize these systems within their warehouses and distribution centers. Here are our top three advantages to peak your performance while using two-dimensional (2D) barcodes.

  1. 2D barcodes store more information than one-dimensional (1D) barcodes. 1D barcodes or linear barcodes store a limited amount of information - they are mostly comprised of 20-25 characters of lines and spaces. 2D barcodes are designed to encode data in patterns of squares, hexagons, dots and other shapes not just verticle lines and spaces. 2D barcodes can carry pertinent information about products, lots, and shipments which are then easily accessible in a central warehouse.
  2. The pattern arrangement within 2D barcode images allows users to scan from any direction. For those difficult tasks where items move quickly on conveyors or an assembly line, workers no longer have to align a scanner perfectly to receive a proper read. 
  3. 2D barcodes reduce the risk of human error - moreover 1D barcodes. Workers can quickly access all the information about products without having to write and record information manually, creating less downtime and room for error.

By using a 2D barcode inventory system, you’re able to ensure the accuracy of your data across all aspects of your warehouse and distribution environments. You gain real visibility into your inventory because all the data is electronically gathered and stored.

For more information on barcodes and barcode scanning, check out our blog post, The Basics of Barcoding and/or How Does a Barcode Scanner Work.

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