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Throwback Thursday: Very First Rugged Tablet

xtab_t8400-1Can you remember what your first TV looked like? First cell phone? First computer or tablet? For many people, it's a fond memory in this age of technology where nearly everyone is "connected" in some way, shape or form. Do you remember the struggles of waiting for the dial-up connection to connect to the internet and email? Where now if a web page doesn't load in a matter of seconds we lose all hope and begin to think your internet connection isn't working. 

Tablets haven't been around long compared to other forms of technology. In fact, the first rugged tablet from MobileDemand was created just over 10 years ago. The xTablet T8400 was groundbreaking for field sales people looking to gain a slight competitive advantage and become more efficient with their operations. Take a look at some of the features and functions of the xTablet T8400 that were in high demand back in the 2000's.

  • 800 x 600 SVGA display
  • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
  • 256-640 MB system memory
  • 30GB shock mounted hard drive
  • Intel Pentium III Mobile Ultra Low Voltage, 866MHz
  • Wireless 802.11b (11 Mbps)
  • RJ-11 for fax/modem

What are your thoughts on those "groundbreaking" specs?!

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