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Top 12 Benefits of a Surface Pro 7+ for the Architecture Industry

For the architecture and building management industry, new software and tools have streamlined the design, planning, prototyping, and design-to-build processes. Having the right mobile computing system for these tools is critical to workflow efficiency and productivity, that's why we recommend a Microsoft Surface Pro for architects.

Below are the top 12 benefits of a Surface Pro tablet for architects:

1. Replaces multiple, frequently used tools like GPS, mapping and blueprinting, 3D imaging, and more.

2. Information is protected and secured through the cloud.

3. Design, update, and edit project files or blueprints from anywhere.

4. Instantly access needed information, like plans or models, in real-time.

5. Compatible with trusted programs like Adobe Creative Cloud, AutoCAD, and Office365.

6. Access to powerful sketching, modeling, and rendering tools in digital workflows.

7. Lightweight, small, and highly portable.

8. Seamless transition into a laptop with an attachable keyboard.

9. Real-time communication with home-office, project managers, and clients.

10. Edit customer account and payment information instantly.

11. Complete sales transactions with mobile POS.

12. Manage personnel schedules and assignments without needing to be at the home-office.

A popular option is the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7+® paired with a DfS certified rugged case from MobileDemand. For more information on rugged tablet solutions for architecture, contact us or call 319-363-4121.

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