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Top 3 Reasons for Vehicle Mounted Tablet

Vehicle Mount Tablets - Flex 10 from MobileDemandTablets are everywhere these days, from at home in the kitchen to overseas in the rugged battlefield. No matter where the device is being used, its general purpose is to serve you information when you need it or to be a database for you to input data. 

One of the largest user segments of tablets, especially rugged tablets, is that of U.S. businesses. Nearly every business with a mobile workforce has a need for mobile tablets so they can access and input information anytime, anywhere. Many of those businesses also utilize vehicle mounts for those devices for the utmost productivity and efficiency from their mobile workers. 

Here are 3 of the top reasons why SMB and enterprise corporations should implement vehicle mounts along with their tablet PCs:

  1. Workers are more productive - When in between calls or stops and not in-transit, workers can access email, work orders, Microsoft Office projects, GPS and so much more. So instead of the driver just sitting there killing time, they can now be productive for their entire shift.
  2. The tablet is protected - Instead of tossing the device in the passenger seat or in the bed of the van / truck, it is mounted out of the way of any other objects that may move, shift, slide, fall or roll and damage the tablet. This extends the life of the device and prevents unnecessary IT costs.
  3. Optional attachments - Whether it be a printer, barcode scanner or full keyboard, many vehicle mounted tablets have an optional to attach external peripherals whether it be by USB or Bluetooth. 

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