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Top 3 Ways to Mount a Tablet in a Forklift

If you are currently exploring the option of deploying forklift-mounted tablets, you may be wondering how exactly you should mount the devices. What will it look like? What is the best placement so it's not in the way of the operator? This blog post gives a high level overview of the top three ways enterprises are mounting their devices. 


Front-mount using clamp - Preferred method for those companies who lease their forklifts. No drilling necessary. Typically just below eye-level and a non-obstructed view but still within arms reach of the operator.





Top-mount - Eye-level or higher depending on if the operator is standing or sitting. May require some drilling in to the forklift so this method of mounting is typically for companies who own their fork trucks.





Step-mount - This method requires drilling the mount in to the step and the tablet is typically attached to a swing arm for quick moving and adjusting. Probably the least popular of the three but also the least distracting since it's off to the side of the operator. 




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