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Telecom Top 5 Reasons Telecom / Field Service / Utilities Companies Should Utilize Tablets

tablets-telecom-field-service-utilitiesDeployment in telecommunications requires specific hardware capabilities. These criteria are crucial for CSPs (Communications Service Provider) considering using devices on the retail store floor or in the field. A range of new Windows tablets, convertibles, and other devices from a variety of manufacturers are available to meet your specific needs.

Here are the top five reasons why field service / telecom / utilties companies should be utiltizing tablets. 

  1. The new class of Windows 8 tablets is lighter, thinner, and faster than ever before making them ideal for use in mobile, store and/or office settings.
  2. Stylus support is critical for tablet use in telecommunications. Field technicians will appreciate the pen for tablet navigation and signature capture to close out a work order. Retail store associates can leverage pen for signature capture at point of sale.
  3. Rugged devices are available for heavy-duty use in the field, so that tablets can stand up to falls or environmental factors like heat, water, dust or snow.
  4. A wide variety of ports, plus mobile broadband, Wi-Fi and near field communication (NFC) make it easy to connect to key field worker and sales associate peripherals. Scan barcodes, read credit cards, and send receipts to a printer quickly and easily. Cash drawers and check readers can also be connected, allowing the tablet to act as the register. Integrated cameras are used for capturing images of the installation or repair site and sending them to a field manager for troubleshooting or documentation.
  5. A variety of ports, including full-sized USB ports on some devices, allow employees to continue to use the peripherals they have already purchased and need to use on a regular basis.


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