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Top 7 Security Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 Rugged TabletWindows 7 was the most successful and ubiquitous operating system in Microsoft history. While it has served us well for the last 6+ years, the reality is that it doesn’t offer the level of protection you need to deal with the new security threats that we’re all facing. Although you can add layers of defense with third-party products, keep in mind that all of the organizations we’ve been reading about in the news already did that—and it wasn’t enough.

These modern challenges require a new platform - Windows 10. Here are the top 7 security features of the Windows 10 operating system:

  • Microsoft Passport is an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy, multi-factor, password alternative.
  • Windows Hello uses biometrics to provide a more secure way of accessing your device, Microsoft Passport, apps, data, and online resources.
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory provides a comprehensive identity and access management solution for the cloud.
  • BitLocker is much improved, is highly manageable, and can be automatically provisioned on most new devices.
  • Enterprise Data Protection addresses the needs for DLP, includes a deeply integrated data separation and containerization solution, and provides encryption at the file level. It also provides a seamless user experience across mobile devices and the desktop, and is integrated with Azure Active Directory and Rights Management Services.
  • Device Guard offers protection on the desktop that is similar to lockdown on a mobile platform (full app lockdown). Device Guard will be the most disruptive malware-resistance capability Microsoft has ever shipped.
  • UEFI Secure Boot helps prevent malware from embedding itself within hardware or starting before the OS. Trusted Boot helps maintain the integrity of the rest of the OS.

As you can see, Windows 10 is built to defend you against modern threats.

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