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UAG vs. MobileDemand | Surface Pro 4 Rugged Case Drop Test

To test the durability of the UAG Surface Pro 4 rugged case, we performed a head-to-head drop test against the MobileDemand rugged Surface Pro 4 case. The tablets with cases were dropped from 4-foot to plywood over concrete. The goal of the test is to have a fully functional unit with no physical damage after 26 total drops to all corners, edges and faces. 

Both products claim MIL-STD-810G, which is a series of tests that are designed to determine how well a device can put up with general physical abuse while in operation. To pass the drop test portion, up to 5 devices may be used to pass all 26 drops. MobileDemand takes it to the extreme and uses only 1 tablet to pass all drops!

UAG does not specifically state a drop height on their website whereas MobileDemand has tested and passed 4-foot drops using only one tablet. When shopping for cases or tablets, do not be tricked by lack of data supporting their MIL-STD claim.

Watch the head-to-head drop test below.

It’s costly for us to test the competitors, what’s it going to cost you?

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