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Uses of Digital Inking in the Field

Surface Pro 4 Tablet Pen InkingWhat is "digital ink"? Digital ink consists of using an active pen with a battery and a chip that interacts with a digitizer component on the device's screen. The result is an experience that feels like true pen on paper in terms of accuracy, sensitivity and latency. A normal touch-screen tablet only allows for 'finger painting' type inking.

This type of data capturing is beneficial for enterprise applications in that it elimates the use of paper leading to improvements in productivity and efficiency. 

But how would a mobile worker utilize digital inking in the field? Here are the top uses:

  • Signing invoices
  • Proof-of-delivery
  • Proof-of-service
  • Sketches
  • Note taking
  • Diagramming

This list just touches on the capabilities of a tablet that is equipped with a digitzer pen. Admittedly, digital inking is not for everyone, but done correctly and it can dramatically improve your customer service along with productivity in the field. 

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