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Warehouses and Manufacturers Have "No Compromise" Experience with Windows 10 Tablets

Manufacturing Facility and WarehouseBusiness users frequently claim that they have to choose between convenience and productivity when it comes to mobility. With Windows 10 tablets, users can have a “no compromise” experience. A single device can offer the convenience of the tablet and the productivity power of a laptop. Tablet users no longer have to return to a laptop to complete longer emails, access company portals, or analyze data. Modern access controls also allow devices to be shared between shifts of employees; employees don’t have to compromise their tablet experience because of concerns about sharing the device.

You can choose from a wide range of devices, including 2-in-1's and rugged tablets, each with unique capabilities optimized for a variety of scenarios.

Since they are Windows-based, companies can take advantage of their existing management and security infrastructure, while also taking advantage of new Windows 10 security enhancements. Devices and data are highly secured with enterprise-grade features like Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, malware resistance and BitLocker. 

Software developed in-house or with partners can be deployed across a range of devices from smartphones to laptops, desktops, and tablets without extensive recoding so you gain the benefit of reuse and uniformity as well as easy maintenance for your IT staff. Also, with Windows tablets, users can connect to apps from the Windows Store, while also using all the desktop line of business and productivity apps they use today.

New devices provide touch-optimized experiences and full mouse and keyboard support for the convenience and mobility of a tablet and the power and familiarity of a full PC.

Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, and near-field communication (NFC) allow more ways to connect to the network or internet than ever before. Broadband tethering enables you to turn your device into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. And connectivity features such as OneDrive and SharePoint ensure that your data and apps are always available across the Windows platform—from PCs to tablets to mobile devices.

With a boost from the latest processors, these devices have better performance and increased battery life, both of which save time and resources. End result is increased productivity and efficiency from your mobile workforce.

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