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What to Expect from 5G

Wireless technology has revolutionized the way the world works, affecting everything from business to our personal lives. It has brought up the standard of living and increased our interconnectedness across the globe. With 5G technology growing closer, it promises to revolutionize our world once again, but how will that effect you? 

With 5G releasing as early as 2019, network suppliers are still scrambling to get their infrastructures ready. 5G promises some of the fastest internet speeds ever, with estimates reaching as high as 1.8Gbps. Yet it’s going to have more impact than just faster videos. 

While we have the foundation for the IoT, it’s 5G that will allow it to truly come to life. Any device will be able to communicate with any other instantaneously and in real time. The delay between communicating devices, known as latency, could be as low as one millisecond. That’s a thousandth of one second.  

This is going to be essential in technologies such as self-driving cars or factory robotics. Each car could communicate with one another, transferring data on their speed, acceleration, road conditions, and much more.  

Yet the possabilities don't stop at self-driving cars. If a city is transformed into a Smart City, it’s possible for the cars to not only communicate with one another, but also with objects such as traffic lights, allowing the vehicles to know when to slow down.  




With smart cars, smart homes, and smart cities, everything is becoming increasingly dependent on a faster internet connection in a wireless world. 5G will be able to provide that connection, but there will be some initial drawbacks.  

5G is the first wireless technology that will operate on multiple wavelengths. The reason is so that it can cover the broadest area with the fastest internet possible. Much of 5G is run on what is called millimeter waves. While these waves enable more data to be transferred quicker, they are limited in range, and thus need to have more towers closer together in order to cover broad areas. Thats why 5G will be on more than one wavelength. It will have wavelengths for varying distances from their sources, supplying the right one for the distance required

As can be guessed it will take time for mobile companies to complete the infrastructure able to handle the demands 5G will place on it across the country. This will lead to spotty coverage in the early days. On top of that, there will be few devices able to utilize 5G, and all the devices that are 5G will be first generation and likely to have bugs that will need to be fixed.  

These are just the growing pains of new technology. While they may prove annoying, they will open the door to a new technology that has the potential to change the world. How is 5G going to affect your business. 

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