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Windows 10 Delivers Flexibility and Security for Law Enforcement

Regulatory and situational requirements demand that public safety organizations, such as law enforcement, match the right mobile devices, equipped with the right software, to fulfill their role or mission. Quick and easy access to information and support personnel during criminal investigations, natural and manmade disasters, or other emergencies can protect the lives of public safety personnel and citizens alike.

For many agencies, Windows 10 is the platform of choice, which delivers enterprise-level security features, like the TPM 2.0 chip, BitLocker and Device Guard. Plus, with faster, more-efficient processing power that delivers the ability to sync user preferences, apps, and information as first responders and law enforcement personnel switch from the rugged devices they use in the field to more stationary ones back at headquarters, and even personal devices.

At the same time, public safety IT teams need to keep sensitive data safe as first responders and law enforcement personnel move from device to device as situations dictate. Windows Enterprise Data Protection helps ensure that work and personal data are kept separate and safeguarded. And Windows Hello enables officers to log in quickly and easily through built-in biometric capabilities, including facial recognition. Proper levels of security are maintained, while reducing officer login fatigue and cumulative time wasted typing usernames and passwords.

And because Windows 10 is the first Microsoft operating system delivered as a service, law enforcement customers can choose the deployment and service models that allow them to keep control where they need it.

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