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World's First Rugged Tablets with Windows 10

MobileDemand, a worldwide provider of innovative, Windows-based rugged tablets, has announced the availability of Windows 10 across its family of devices. This includes the cloud-based xTablet Flex 10 and Flex 8, the rugged and sealed xTablet T1400 and T1600, and the fully rugged xTablet T1200. As with Windows 8, MobileDemand becomes the world’s first rugged device provider to offer tablets with Windows 10.

best-windows-10-tabletsMobileDemand, a Microsoft partner since its founding in 2003, is dedicated to providing the latest and greatest technology tools to help enterprises of all sizes improve their productivity. The ruggedized devices are built on the foundation that no job is too tough or complex for a tablet and no budget is too small. With a starting price of only $595, xTablets come standard with Bluetooth, WiFi and various ports, and options include barcode scanning, credit card readers, 4G module, vehicle or forklift mounts, and much more. Devices range from 7-inches up to 11.7-inches.

On July 29, 2015, Microsoft is making available its newest operating system, Windows 10. The OS combines the strengths of Windows 8 with Windows 7, and adds in new, robust security and productivity features. This includes the all new Microsoft Edge browser, Cortana the digital, voice-activated assistant, and countless productivity apps in the Windows Store.

“Millions of people are already using Windows 10, providing feedback to Microsoft on how to improve the usability and functionality of the OS,” said Matt Miller, President of MobileDemand. “It’s proof how dedicated they are to making it the best operating system they’ve ever released and we believe it 100 percent!”

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“MobileDemand’s innovative rugged tablet designs provide complete mobile computing systems for enterprises seeking to improve their operational productivity,” said Jordan Chrysafidis, VP, US OEM Sales and Marketing at Microsoft Corp. “Offering not just one but five devices, MobileDemand is one of the first rugged tablet providers to go to market with Windows 10 and brings to life Microsoft’s vision to empower all individuals and organizations to do more.”

On the July 29 release date of Windows 10, MobileDemand will begin to offer the xTablet Flex 10, Flex 8, T1400 and T1600 with Windows 10, and the T1200 shortly thereafter.


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