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MobileDemand Rugged Technology Blog

A comprehensive blog about rugged tablet technology, industries, and applications; rugged tablets; and rugged cases for Microsoft Surface and iPad Pro. Brought to you by MobileDemand, a worldwide leader in innovative rugged tablets and cases for business productivity.

Rugged Tablet PCs - So Many SKUs, So Little Time

In recent years the beverage market has seen an explosive introduction of new products. While this has been good for the consumer, the growing number of SKUs has become a challenge for …

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Top 10 Trends for Retail Supply Chainers in 2011

Chain Store Age published a list of 10 trends for retailers to watch in 2011. In addition to positive sales gains, the following are trends for retailers: International market focus …

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Form Follows Function

Mobile Computing in Manufacturing Still Requires Durability With each new consumer-grade tablet computer and Smartphone released, manufacturers may be tempted by these devices to improve …

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Line Busting at Amusement Parks with Tablet PC

When a fleet of busses shows up, or flocks of customers suddenly appear, moving guests into the park quickly is a top priority. No one likes waiting in line. Waiting in line wastes the …

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Top 9 Questions for Selecting a Successful 3PL Partner (Part 2)

In one of last week's blogs we acknowledged that finding the right third party logistics (3PL) company to manage your logistics and transportations functions can be challenging …

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MobileDemand Expands Staff and Moves to New Facility to Accommodate Growth

In 2010 MobileDemand, a leading provider of Rugged Tablet PCs, outpaced all its competitors in year-on-year growth by nearly tripling revenue over 2009. “We had an amazing year in 2010,” …

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Top 9 Questions for Selecting a Successful 3PL Partner (Part 1 of 2)

Third party logistics (3PL) companies are a becoming an important part of today’s supply chain. These companies offer services that can allow businesses to outsource part their logistics …

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On the Battlefield with Rugged Tablet PCs

Staying Connected in the Combat Zone

Committed to improving situational awareness, response time and mission effectiveness through a robust network of information sharing between soldiers, units, …

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Rugged Tablet PCs 10 Years Ago & Today: Technological Breakthroughs

Rugged Tablet Computers Have Advanced Exponentially in the Past 10 Years Ten years ago, noted futurist Ray Kuzweil posited the law of accelerating returns, which states that, by building …

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NASCAR Driver Safety Improved by Real-time Data and Tablet PCs

NASCAR and the Red Bull Racing Team Keep Drivers Safer with the Help of MobileDemand xTablets MobileDemand is proud that our tablets are used by the NASCAR safety team to perform crash …

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Built to Last, Part 2

Rugged Devices Designed to Withstand Physical Challenges If you caught our last blog, you know that rugged devices like those used by military ops, homeland security, field service teams, …

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Going Rugged in the Cloud: Enhancing the Efficiency of Rugged Tablet PCs

What is Cloud Computing?

“Cloud computing” stands as the next big development in IT – Juniper Research believes it will grow a staggering 88% from 2009 to 2014 -- but not …

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Rugged Devices Designed to Withstand Physical Challenges (Part 1)

The following is from Steve Kunert, VP of Engineering at MobileDemand.

While cost, application sophistication and ease of use should figure into any rugged tablet PC purchase, the most …

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MobileDemand to Exhibit at ProMat 2011

Starting Monday, March 21st and running through Thursday the 24th, MobileDemand will be exhibiting at the ProMat 2011 EXPO at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. MobileDemand will be …

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The Tablet PC (R)evolution

MobileDemand was recently featured in an excellent article by Mobile Enterprise entitled “The Tablet (R)evolution”.  “Enterprises and their employees want real-time, on-demand …

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Remote Device Training for Field Users

Functioning like a laptop while collecting data like a handheld, a rugged tablet PC is an economical way of improving the productivity and efficiency of mobile sales consultants and …

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Intel? Recognizes MobileDemand and the Red Bull Racing Team

When you visit the Intel® website, you will find a special feature entitled "Amazing Places You'll Find Intel Inside". The object of "Amazing Places" is to recognize innovative …

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Saving Cash by Going Rugged

Reducing Rugged Device Maintenance & Support Costs

As today’s technology decision makers are quickly discovering, implementing a mobile communication system is never as simple as …

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Taking Rugged to the Extreme:

A Rugged Tablet PC for Unrelenting Military Environments

When it comes to mission-critical technology, compromise is never an option. Rugged computers must provide field teams, combat forces, EMTs …

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Minimizing Mobile Computer Downtime in Today's Real-Time World

As mobile computing technology advances, getting information in “real time” is no longer an option, it’s an imperative. If your company has not made a significant investment in real- …

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