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MobileDemand Rugged Technology Blog

A comprehensive blog about rugged tablet technology, industries, and applications; rugged tablets; and rugged cases for Microsoft Surface and iPad Pro. Brought to you by MobileDemand, a worldwide leader in innovative rugged tablets and cases for business productivity.

MobileDemand's Summer Internship Recap

In Spring of 2020, the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business announced they were looking for internship opportunities for students as many had been cancelled due to COVID-19. As …

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MobileDemand Bounces Back After Derecho

On Monday, August 10, MobileDemand’s office in Cedar Rapids experienced severe destruction from hurricane conditions with 112 mph winds. You read that right. The landlocked state in the middle …

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Rugged Tablets Enhance Retail In-Store Customer Experience

Today's consumers expect an increased level of service and overall enhanced shopping experience from all retailers. While online shopping is increasing in popularity, retailers need to give consumers …

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Addressing Security Risks of Mobile Computing: Best Practices

The use of mobile devices across industries and enterprises is growing. Unfortunately, this growth also means an increase in potential security threats. Businesses looking to purchase mobile …

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The Ultimate Guide to Mounting Your Tablet

Following ruggedness, mobility is one of the most important requirements for companies investing in a rugged tablet for their workplace; but sometimes workers need their tablet to become stationary. …

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Beginner's Guide to C1D2

Class 1 Division 2, or C1D2, is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for rugged tablets to use in hazardous industries. Any electronics being used in a potentially dangerous …

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10 Questions to Consider Before Mounting Your Tablet

Rugged tablets are extremely popular for frontline workers due to their ease of mobility. But sometimes, even the most mobile of workers need to be stationary. The ability to quickly switch from …

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MIL-STD-810G in Consumer Products - What Does it Mean

MIL-STD-810G is something you often see referred to when it comes to rugged technology. Companies will claim MIL-STD-810G designed, certified, and tested, but …

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MobileDemand's Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Rugged Tablets

Firstline workers all over the world, spanning countless environments and workflows in industries such as manufacturing, retail, restaurants, and more, are using MobileDemand rugged tablets and cases …

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A Shift in Healthcare Delivery: Virtual Patient Communication

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused healthcare systems to learn more about isolation and how it affects patients and their quality of care. Not only are patients physically removed from their loved ones, …

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Adopt Paperless Patient Check-In with Rugged Tablets

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare systems are adjusting operations to ensure safe practices. Whether it's a traditional clinic or an alternative care site dedicated for COVID-19 testing, …

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5 Ways Rugged Tablets Are Streamlining Health Checks

With businesses and healthcare offices slowly beginning to allow customers back in, many organizations are making the choice to implement 'health' checks for their employees and customers or patients …

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5 Ways Rugged Tablets Can Streamline Curbside Ordering and Pickup

As the world begins to open up in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are facing new challenges in everyday operations. Even as we find some normalcy, these businesses will ultimately …

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MobileDemand’s xTablet A1180 Earns SOTI and VMWare Certifications to Ensure Security and Maximize Uptime

MobileDemand’s xTablet A1180 is now even more productive for the enterprise with the SOTI and VMWare certifications. With SOTI and VMWare certifications, businesses can utilize Enterprise …

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Newly Launched Microsoft Go 2 Fits with the Rugged xCase for Surface Go.

Microsoft recently phased out their Surface Go tablet to make enhancements for the newly launched Surface Go 2. MobileDemand’s rugged Surface Go 2 xCase will accommodate this updated version of …

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MobileDemand’s xTablet T1150 and T1180 are now Verizon LTE Certified

For today's modern enterprises, staying connected is crucial. Operating at the level of reliability Verizon connectivity provides is what frontline workers expect. Verizon Wireless has certified the …

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MobileDemand Donates Surgical Masks and Face Shields to Corridor-Area Healthcare Providers

MobileDemand is pleased to announce the donation of 50,000 surgical masks and 14,000 face shields to Corridor-area hospitals and healthcare providers.   

Across the …

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Press Release: MobileDemand Donates 300 Rugged iPad Cases to The County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services, Assisting Isolated COVID-19 Patients to Visit Virtually with Friends, Family and Medical Staff

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, May 11, 2020 – MobileDemand is pleased to announce the donation of 300 rugged iPad cases to The County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services (DHS). …

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These Are Days We Will Remember

In This Together 

Collaboration is everything at MobileDemand, and we're grateful for Microsoft Teams technology that offers our entire team to communicate effectively as …

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Press Release: Ultimate Rugged xCase for latest iPad 10.2” Model expands MobileDemand’s family of rugged protection for Apple devices

Military-grade rugged case provides industry-leading tablet protection to increase iPad life expectancy, is easy to carry and hold, mountable and add-on ready.

MobileDemand continues to lead the way …

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