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MobileDemand Rugged Technology Blog

A comprehensive blog about rugged tablet technology, industries, and applications; rugged tablets; and rugged cases for Microsoft Surface and iPad Pro. Brought to you by MobileDemand, a worldwide leader in innovative rugged tablets and cases for business productivity.

Press Release: MobileDemand Launches First-of-Its-Kind Rugged Cases for Microsoft® Surface Tablets with Integrated Barcode Scanner and MSR Options, Certified by Microsoft's Designed for Surface Program

Aiding retail, healthcare and restaurant industries, new rugged cases for Surface tablets offer next-level productivity to scan barcodes, take secure mobile payments, and fulfill curbside orders from …

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Microsoft Designed for Surface certification: What is it and why is it important?

MobileDemand's Surface® Pro and Go Case, with first-to-market rugged, integrated scanner and MSR, have recently been certified by Microsoft's Designed for Surface (DfS) program. But what does …

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Press Release: MobileDemand Expands Distribution with SYNNEX Corporation to Offer Full Product Portfolio

MobileDemand continues to expand, enhancing relationship with industry leader, SYNNEX Corporation.

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA—April 12, 2021—MobileDemand, a trend-setting provider of rugged …

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Restaurants See Increased Customer Satisfaction Using Rugged Tablets

Restaurant patrons are quickly becoming accustomed to having more control over their dining experience due to the emergence of mobile computing in the restaurant industry. Whether at a nationwide …

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5 Uses for Rugged Tablets in Agriculture and Crop Management

Successful crop management is a complicated blend of the right horticultural expertise, soil conditions, fertilizers and irrigation methods. Farmers and agricultural specialists rely on mobile …

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Is a Mobile, Integrated POS Right For Your Business?

Implementing a mobile, integrated POS device has become increasingly popular among retail stores, restaurants, and hospitality businesses. From seamlessly connecting associates to updating inventory …

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Limited To Take-Out Orders? Try Rugged, Mobile POS

As the world stands today, social distancing is making a huge impact in the ways restaurants are able to operate. Depending on regional restrictions or preference, restaurants may be closing their …

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Press Release: MobileDemand Announces 2020 Partner of the Year Awards Winners

Partners recognized for outstanding achievement and innovation for customer success.

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA – Feb 18, 2021—MobileDemand, provider of rugged tablets and mobile computing …

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What is an Integrated MSR?

MobileDemand recently launched the first ever rugged tablet, integrated with a magnetic stripe reader (MSR). Available for both the Flex 10A with Android and the Flex 10B, this is the first MSR …

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Press Release: MobileDemand Launches First Integrated, Rugged Magnetic Stripe Card Reader for Tablets

Aiding retail, restaurant and healthcare industries, rugged tablets now offer next-level mobility by enabling frontline team members to take secure mobile payments, fulfill off-premises orders, and …

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Take Safety to the Next Level with a C1D2 Certified Rugged Tablet

For enterprises in the oil, gas, mining and manufacturing industries, it's vital to have tablet computers that are Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) certified - meaning that if any explosive substance is …

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Third Party Review of MobileDemand's xTablet T1180

The following is an exerpt from Rugged PC Review's recent review of MobileDemand's xTablet T1180.

First impression matters, and the xTablet T1180 certainly makes a very good one. Whereas …

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xTablet Flex 10A with Android and Flex 10B Reviewed by Rugged PC Review

The following is an exerpt from Rugged PC Review's recent in-depth review of the xTablet Flex 10A with Android and xTablet Flex 10B from MobileDemand. 

Ruggedized mobile …

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Transportation and Logistic Companies Need Rugged Tablets for Data Capture

Transportation and logistics industry professionals know the importance of providing efficient and accurate operations. From drivers, fleet managers, and loading specialists, rugged tablets have …

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Why First Responders Need Real-Time Collaboration Tools

For law enforcement officers and first responders, instant access to mission critical data and real-time connectivity is crucial. That's why rugged tablets have become a preferred platform for law …

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Benefits of Hot-Swappable Batteries

Nothing is more irritating than when you’re trying to get work done and you notice the battery on your device is almost out of fuel. A dead device can send your productivity into a …

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Top 3 Benefits of Rugged Tablets For Data Capture in Warehouses

From receiving to picking and staging to loading, warehouses need systems that can handle complex data collection. Rugged tablets enable your operation to run at maximum productivity with improved …

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Top 5 Ways Rugged Tablets Mobilize Data Capture in the Field

Many field service organizations face similar challenges when it comes to data entry. Professional services, public utilities, maintenance and repair services, and telecommunication operations are …

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Rugged Tablets vs Rugged Cases: What's the Difference?

With the upfront costs of investment in rugged tablets, it may be tempting to purchase consumer-grade tablets and equip them with durable, ruggedized cases. While this might be the right choice for …

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The Value of xProtect Service Plan

Accidents happen, especially in industries that use rugged tablets. That's why MobileDemand offers the xProtect Service Plan to take your tablet protection to the next level. Plus, every  …

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