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EMS Patient Care Using Surface 3 Tablet with Rugged Case

Northglenn EMS Ambulance
Vehicle Mounted Rugged Surface 3 in Ambulance
Surface 3 and Rugged Case Mounted in Ambulance
Northglenn, Colorado

Below is a testimonial from Northglenn Ambulance, a user of the Microsoft Surface 3 protected by the xCase from MobileDemand. They also utilize the Snap Mount vehicle dock.

"After reviewing the xCase by MobileDemand for the Microsoft Surface 3, this is what we have found.  The reason we went to the Surface 3 computers is cost. The Panasonic Toughbooks come with a high cost and lack of durability when it comes to Paramedics. The Surface was a much more budget-friendly tablet to have and we were having concerns on how to protect this in the high demand of EMS. After finding MobileDemand we couldn’t be happier.

We beta tested one Surface 3 and one of the rugged Surface cases from MobileDemand. The ability to drop it from 6 feet in the air on to the face, back or corner of the device and it still turns on and operates just fine is amazing. We are able to dock the tablet with the use of the Snap Mount vehicle dock connected to RAM Mounting and this allows our Paramedics to quickly remove the computer to utilize the patient care software to improve the patient care and transfer-of-care to the hospital quickly. This has been a budget-conscious life saver.

For EMS workers, I highly recommend the use of the Microsoft Surface 3 and rugged Surface case from MobileDemand."

Alexander Fairfield - Director of Operations

Northglenn Ambulance (Greater Denver, Colorado Area)