Handhelds Replaced with Forklift-Mounted Rugged Tablets at Plastics Company

Forklift Mounted T1600 Windows 10 Rugged Tablet
Railcar Inspection Using Rugged Tablet
Rugged Tablet Mounted on Fork Truck with Full Keyboard
Plastipak Packaging in Plymouth, Michigan

Forklift Mounted T1600 Windows 10 Rugged Tablet Plastipak Packaging, Inc. is a progressive warehousing and manufacturing company located in the Plymouth, Michigan. Representing the heart of America, Plastipak Packaging provides a robust array of plastic packaging solutions. These solutions, inspired by choice, value and sustainability have helped a wealth of customers and clients propel Plastipak Packaging higher and higher within their industry. Currently, their sights are set on becoming the preferred global rigid plastic container enterprise.

But it’s going to take more than just great products. It’s going to take great execution.

Customer Challenge

Plastipak Packaging used outdated handheld devices to execute their dock management, cycle counting, production line management, status of lines, material inventory, lift usage, and office efficiency.

Overall, things seemed to work only moderately well, but the major thorn in the operation was the costs of the handheld hardware. Having access to a Windows OS was a plus, but the costs were much higher than Plastipak wanted to pay for mediocre hardware.

After losing money for an extended period of time, Plastipak began to look for a more formidable, and affordable solution. Web searches for rugged tablet devices returned information on Zebra tablets, but they were too bulky, and the battery life could not support the demands Plastipak Packaging put on their technologies. iPads didn’t quite work, either. They had too small of icons/buttons and the applications did not work to their liking.

MobileDemand changed all that – easily.

MobileDemand Solution

Finally, Plastipak Packaging switched over to a new strategy – implement MobileDemand xTablet T1600 rugged Windows 10 tablets mounted on forklifts. Plastipak Packaging ordered more than 30 tablets and ran them on a remote desktop session test – inspecting the rail car pressure, silo seals, and more. Once that proved to be successful, they extended the tablet usage in to the manufacturing and warehousing side of operations.

The xTablet T1600 rugged tablets proved to be immensely robust, and stood up to dust and dirt. The large screen sizes helped employees gleam data at a distance, the impressive battery life lasted a full 9-hour day, and the solid state drive booted instantaneously each morning – so employees could get right to work without wasting company time.


For Plastipak Packaging, the xTablet T1600 tablets are far superior than any other system they had previously tried. Being able to utilize a full screen forklift-mounted tablet, in addition to hand-carrying the devices, meant dramatic increases to productivity and efficiency.

Today, they’re looking to integrate MobileDemand rugged Windows 10 tablets with their yard trucks, moving trailers, and more – as their remaining handheld devices continue to break down due to dust, dirt and more.

MobileDemand has the solutions companies like Plastipak Packaging need to become industry leaders. Plastipak Packaging is right on their way.





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