Heat Exchanger Manufacturer Relies on Rugged Tablets

Quality Control Using Rugged Surface Pro 4
xTablet Flex 10 Mounted for Access to Drawings, Manuals, Etc.
Steeltek, Inc.
Handwritten Notes on Surface Pro 4 Tablet with Rugged Case
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Steeltek Manufacturing Facility

As a preeminent manufacturing company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Steeltek, Inc., has the responsibility of providing their customers with the design and manufacture of shell and tube heat exchangers. Since 1984, Steeltek has served the needs of the petro-chemical, gas processing and refining industries.

This, not to mince words, can be a complicated business. Managing the logistics and operations of such a business requires a modicum of savvy expertise when it comes to technologies that can empower the highest level of success and efficiency.

But the truth is, their tech infrastructure was going to need a major upgrade if they were going to stay competitive.

Customer Challenge

Steeltek, previous to partnering with MobileDemand, had every department fractured and separated, with paper prints used for all data collection.

Each department would have 1 to 3 sets of prints, and each print had 30 pages that all needed to be catalogued and tracked in some manner. In order to continue production, employees would have to hunt down prints, hoping they were legible. This required employees to track down prints for each job – which ate up time, energy and resources.

A simple technological change completely revolutionized the way Steeltek worked.

MobileDemand Solution

Steeltek’s ‘guess and check’ method created a major issue with revisions. By the time prints were in circulation, much of what they were producing was likely to be outdated. Enough was enough. It was time to get rid of paper prints for good.

Steeltek ordered a number of xTablet Flex 10’s to be placed in centralized locations in each department. Now that all employees knew where they could access information for data purposes, and for the purposes of executing productions, the tablets themselves had access to every job print, work order, manual, drawings and more.

Plus, Steeltek outfitted many departments with multiple rugged tablets, so no one had to wait their turn. MobileDemand had empowered Steeltek to dramatically increase their effectiveness and accuracy during the production stage.

Additionally, floor managers are now equipped with rugged Surface Pro 4 tablets to perform quality checks throughout the manufacturing process in addition to final inspections.  The devices are protected by MobileDemand premium rugged cases which are easy to carry and provide sufficient protection in this rugged environment.


For the amount of time saved by employees, management saves time as well. This levied a long-standing burden on company resources, which going forward, will save more money and time than Steeltek can quantify.

4 to 5 hours per day have been recouped due to the rugged tablets being a centralized location for much of the technical and mechanical data. Going forward, Steeltek is looking to place MobileDemand tablets in their shipping and receiving department, fully outfitting their company with technology that will keep them on the competitive cutting-edge, and enable them to leap over other companies offering similar services to best accommodate their customers.