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HVAC Technicians at J.R. Bolton Using Rugged Surface 3 Tablets

Residential HVAC
J.R. Bolton HVAC Services - Atlanta, Georgia
Commercial HVAC

J.R. Bolton Services, Inc. was founded in 1983 with one goal – to provide residential and commercial customers with the highest quality energy products and customer service. That business model has remained in place to this day even while their service area has expanded to include metro Atlanta and the greater Lawrenceville area.

The service experts at J.R. Bolton cover a wide range of commercial and residential projects including heating, air conditioning, home energy audits, duct cleaning, air quality, geothermal heat pumps and more.

Recently, all of the service technicians were equipped with Microsoft Surface 3 tablets wrapped in a MobileDemand protective cases. The premium Surface 3 cases allow for easy carrying of the tablet while protecting it from the bumps and drops that are bound to happen. The goal of this IT endeavor was to equip the technicians with a rugged digital database that would help them complete their service calls more efficiently.

They succeeded. Armed with a rugged Surface 3 tablet, technicians are able to pull up work orders in real-time plus now have the ability to look up mechanical documents and product manuals without having to haul around bulky binders of paper.

When a work order is complete, the employee can accept a digital signature from the customer which triggers an electronic bill to that customer while they’re still on-site. This saves J.R. Bolton both time and money and the streamlined billing process leaves a favorable impression with the client.

Lastly, when in between stops, J.R. Bolton’s field technicians have access to their corporate email plus the ability to enter timecards at the end of a shift.