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Entry-level price and performance Windows 10 or Android handheld tablets

xTablet A680 Handheld

xTablet A680 Handheld

Take enterprise mobility to the next level with the A680, MobileDemand's handheld Android rugged tablet. A680 comes with GMS, SOTI and VMware certifications.

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xTablet Flex 10A with Android  Now on Sale 24% OFF!

xTablet Flex 10A with Android Now on Sale 24% OFF!

The affordable, rugged, and portable Android tablet. Our Flex 10A with Android is an entry level solution for the budget-minded enterprise seeking a ruggedized mobile device.

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xTablet Flex 10B

xTablet Flex 10B

The next generation of entry-level mobile tablets with upgraded CPU, better performing WiFi, and more storage ideal for a wide array of industries.

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Windows 10 Tablet Logo
Windows® 10 Pro
WiFi 802.11
Bluetooth Tablets
Built-in Bluetooth
Windows Tablet Full USB and Micro USB
USB on All Devices

On-The-Go Professionals

Designed for on-the-go workers across all lines of business, the entry-level rugged tablets provide the greatest value for ruggedized devices on the market. Requiring minimal IT support, the tablets are easy to setup and manage and function exactly like a PC, running enterprise software and standard Windows® desktop applications. The rugged tablet cases keep the device protected.

2-in-1 Tablet

Can't decide between a laptop and a tablet? Get both. The 2-in-1 computer is a tablet that can quickly be converted into a fully functional touch-screen laptop with QWERTY keyboard attached. Vice versa, the keyboard can be quickly detached to utilize the device as a handheld mobile tablet. The xTablet Flex 10B running Windows and xTablet Flex 10A with Android offer the keyboard option.

Rugged Handheld Tablet

Productivity in the palm of your hand. For workers on-the-go who require instant connectivity with real-time access to enterprise applications and data, our ultra-lightweight xTablet A680 rugged handheld with 8.1 Android OS is a great fit. The A680 is enterprise ready, SOTI, and GMS certified with integrated 2D scanner and optional Bluetooth scan handle. 

A680 Rugged Handheld

Tablet in Rugged Case Outdoors
best windows tablet

Windows + Intel

Featuring Microsoft® Windows and Intel® Core processors, the entry-level rugged devices provide the computing power for enterprise operations to succeed. The combination of processing power with the well-known functionality of a Windows OS delivers a mobile computing experience that is better than ever for business.

best intel tablet

Enterprise-Ready Ruggedized Tablet PC

Accessories Included

Tough Case for Windows Tablet

Rugged Protective Case

Rugged for device durability and longevity.

Tethered Stylus

The tether provides a convenient method to keep your tablet and pen together.

Scratch-Proof Screen Protector

The ultimate protection for your xTablet's screen.


Pre-installed mounting clip for forklifts and vehicles.     

Hand Strap

Have the comfortablity and security that your tablet won't fall out of your hands.

Briefcase Handle

A comfortable alternative way to carry your xTablet while standing and walking.