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High performance, high productivity in Windows 10®-based rugged tablets
xTablet T1680 C1D2

xTablet T1680 C1D2

Transform the way you work with the rugged and dependable computing power of the xTablet T1680 C1D2. Large, outdoor viewable display.

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xTablet T1680

xTablet T1680

Transform the way you work with the rugged and dependable computing power of the xTablet T1680. Large, outdoor viewable display.

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xTablet T1270

xTablet T1270

The most powerful tablet in our lineup coupled with the largest, 12.2” sunlight-viewable screen. IP65 seal and hot-swappable batteries makes this our most rugged workhorse.

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What is Rugged?

For a tablet to be rugged, it means that it must be able to perform and survive in wet, dirty, dusty, hot, cold, and muddy environments. For that to happen, all of the ports, fans, speakers and cracks must be tightly sealed so that nothing foreign can permeate the outer shell. Rugged also means that it must outlast constant drops and vibrations. For MobileDemand to achieve this status, each Windows tablet model is subjected to various torture tests to prove that it is field-ready.

High Performance and Productivity

Power through the work day with a device that can keep up with you. Options include barcode scanner and various mounting systems. These devices are engineered for ultimate productivity in harsh work environments.

Rugged Trucking Tablet PC

Windows 10 Tablet Logo

Windows® + Intel®

Featuring Microsoft® Windows® and Intel® Core™ processors, the high performance and productivey rugged devices provide the computing power for enterprise operations to succeed. The combination of processing power with the well-known functionality of a Windows® OS delivers a mobile computing experience that is better than ever for business.

Extremely Rugged Tablet

Anywhere Connectivity, Viewability

Keep mobile workers connected no matter where they are with 4G LTE WWAN radios and wireless networks. The high performance and productivty rugged devices allow your mobile workforce to be productive no matter where they are. 

Line Busting Point of Sale POS Tablet

Windows Tablet PC for Harsh Environment
Industrial Tablet Screen Protector

Hot Swappable Batteries

Replace and swap batteries without any interruption to your system.
IP67 and IP65 Tablets

Ingress Protection (IP) Rated

IP Rated, dust-tight and protected against water.
Ultra rugged tablet bar code scanner

Barcode Scanner

High performance scanner captures and translates the barcode.
Industrial Tablet Screen Protector

Scratch Proof Screen Protector

The ultimate protection for your xTablet's screen.