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Ready-to-deploy rugged iPad Bundles. Includes iPad tablet, rugged case, and screen protector pre-applied by experts.

Rugged iPad® Mini (7.9") Bundle

Rugged iPad® Mini (7.9") Bundle

Protective rugged case for iPad Mini (7.9-inch). Proven rugged - survived 8-foot MIL-STD-810G drop!

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Rugged iPad 10.2" Bundle

Rugged iPad 10.2" Bundle

Protective rugged case bundle for iPad®10.2-inch. Proven rugged - survived 6-foot MIL-STD-810G drop!

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Rugged iPad® Pro 11" Bundle

Rugged iPad® Pro 11" Bundle

Protective rugged case bundle for iPad® Pro 11-inch. Proven rugged - survived 8-foot MIL-STD-810G drop!

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What is a Bundle?

An iPad bundle is an all-in-one, preassembled, ready-to-deploy ruggedized iPad. When you purchase your bundle, MobileDemand installation experts apply our ultra rugged xCase and screen protector to the iPad tablet of your choice. We take the guess work out, saving you valuable time and resources so you can hit the ground running.

Shop now for hassle-free, enterprise-ready iPad bundles. Benefits include:

  • Faster deployment of devices
  • Tablets come preinstalled with screen protector and rugged case
  • Field-ready (just add your software)
  • Option to have MobileDemand apply asset tag labels
  • 1-stop shop for the tablet, warranties, rugged case, screen protector and mounting. 

Premium Rugged iPad Case

The pre-applied case is proven rugged, and lends supreme protection to your iPad tablet. We hold our products to a higher standard by subjecting each to Military Drop Testing at heights up to 10-feet! This ensures ultimate protection in real world, rugged environments. 

Each iPad case comes standard with:

  • xCase - PC/ABS durable plastic outer shell
  • xCase - Fully encased rubber boot
  • Impact absorbing rubber corner bumpers
  • Back hand strap
  • Briefcase handle
  • Patented Snap Rail for Snap Mount System
  • Protected ports

Other accessories sold seperate

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Prior to installation of the iPad into the rugged xCase, a high-strength glass screen protector is applied in a dust free environment by one of our MobileDemand experts. This ensures an accurate and professional installation free from bubbles, dust and smudges, ultimately extending the life of your iPad tablet.

The process of installing a screen protector can be difficult for those inexperienced. Without the proper techniques costly results may occur, including cracked screens, dust, smudges and scratches. This is why MobileDemand assumes responsibility for installation prior to shipment to you.