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Ready-to-deploy rugged iPad 9.7" and iPad Air 10.5" bundles. Include iPad tablet, rugged case, and screen protector pre-applied by experts.
Rugged iPad® 9.7" Bundle

Rugged iPad® 9.7" Bundle

Protective rugged case bundle for iPad 9.7-inch. Proven rugged - survived 10-foot MIL-STD-810G drop!

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Rugged iPad® Air 10.5" Bundle

Rugged iPad® Air 10.5" Bundle

Protective rugged case bundle for iPad® Air 10.5-inch. Proven rugged - survived 8-foot MIL-STD-810G drop!

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What is a Bundle?

A bundle is a ready-to-deploy package. When you purchase a bundle, MobileDemand applies a rugged case and screen protector to the iPad 9.7" or iPad Air 10.5" tablet of your choice. When you receive the bundle, you don't have to spend time applying a case or screen protector. It's a time saving and ready-to-deploy experience!

Shop now for hassle-free, enterprise-ready bundles that include the iPad tablet with a rugged case and screen protector pre-applied by installation experts at MobileDemand. Benefits of the bundles include:

  • Faster deployment of devices
  • Tablets come with screen protector and rugged case already on
  • Field-ready (just add your software)
  • Option to have MobileDemand apply asset tag labels
  • 1-stop shop for the tablet, warranties, rugged case, screen protector and mounting. 

Rugged Case for iPad

Premium Rugged iPad Case

The pre-applied rugged case is top notch in terms of device protection. It is tested to repeatedly handle 10-foot drops to concrete and all minor bumps that come with daily enterprise use. 

In addition to being a protective cover, the iPad case comes standard with:

  • Back hand strap
  • Briefcase handle
  • Mounting plate for Snap Mount
  • Protected ports
  • Shock absorbing rubber bumpers

Other accessories sold seperate

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Before the iPad tablet is put in to the rugged case, a chemically-strengthened glass screen protector is appied to the device by installation experts in a dust-controlled environment. This prevents the scratches, smudges and chips which reduce the lifetime of the device.

For inexperienced individuals, applying a screen protector can be troublesome and costly if it gets cracked. Getting the protector perfectly centered while avoiding dust and bubbles takes experience. That's why MobileDemand handles that part of the installation, applying the screen protector and rugged case to the iPad tablet before shipping it to the customer.  

Rugged Case for iPad Pro with MobileDemand Screen Protector - Portrait