Secure, enterprise-ready with robust functionality. Industry leading value starting at $845.
xTablet T8650

xTablet T8650

Rugged 8" touchscreen Windows 10 tablet with 3D camera, barcode scan, hot swap battery, fingerprint reader, and LTE capable.

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xTablet T1150

xTablet T1150

Rugged Intel Quad Core 10" touchscreen Windows 10 tablet with 8 hour hot swap battery and LTE capable.

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xTablet T8540

xTablet T8540

Highly sealed Windows 10 thin and rugged tablet. Small in size. Big on doing. Starting at $845.

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xTablet T1550

xTablet T1550

Rugged, 10.1-inch device with integrated barcode scanning. IP65, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and more. Field-ready.

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xTablet T1600

xTablet T1600

Transform the way you work with the rugged and dependable computing power of the xTablet T1600. Large, outdoor viewable display.

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Revolutionizing Productivity

Progressive organizations need devices to empower their mobile workforce, devices which reduce downtime and increase productivity. To do this, rugged and sealed tablets will help streamline those operations while maintaining a lower total cost ownership when compared to over-the-counter consumer devices.

MobileDemand is also first-to-market with a rugged tablet with 3D camera. The 3D camera is integrated in the xTablet T8650 and utilizes the Intel RealSense R200.

IP67 and IP65 Tablets

Sealed from Rain and Dust

Ultra rugged tablet bar code scanner

Optional 2D Barcode Scanner

Hand Strap for MobileDemand Tablets

Carrying Straps Included

best windows tablet

Full Windows® OS

best intel tablet

Intel® Quad Core™ Processor

Integrated Scanning

Automating the tracking and identification of assets throughout the supply chain can take your business to new heights. Integrated high-performance 2D barcode scanner within a full Windows® tablet can be a powerful tool when in the hands of the right people. 

2D Imager and Barcode Scanner for Windows Tablet

Windows 10 Start Menu with Icons

        We Recommend Windows® 10

  • Enjoy both your traditional desktop and the new Windows® 8 icon interface
  • Use all your current programs and apps, and all the newest ones too
  • Runs full Microsoft® Office®
  • It's the most secure Windows® ever
  • New features including Microsoft® Edge®, Continuum®, Cortana®
  • Multi-tasking made easy with the Snap functionality and multiple desktops
Windows 10 Snap Multi Task

3D Camera Technology

For businesses who perform length/distance measuring and volume dimensioning (cubing), the processes in which they complete those tasks may be time consuming and inefficient. One technology that is changing the game for those specific use cases is the advancement of 3D camera technology.

MobileDemand is first-to-market with a 3D camera integrated in to a rugged tablet. Designed for enterprise applications, the 3D camera device can capture measurements, dimensions and volume in a matter of seconds. This process will decrease the time it takes to obtain the information and increase employee productivity.

This short video demonstrates the rugged tablet's ability to measure objects in shipping/logistics, warehousing and aviation/transportation.