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MobileDemand Support-On-Demand

Get connected with the MobileDemand Remote Support-On-Demand Tool!

MobileDemand customers Expect More, Demand More, and Do More. Because it's important to limit any downtime you may experience, our MobileDemand Technicians can remotely connect to your rugged tablet to help identify any issues you are having. All you have to do is follow these quick, easy steps.

  • Call the MobileDemand Technical Support Team at 855.501.TECH (8324).
  • Click here to download the MobileDemand Remote Support connection tool:

MobileDemand Support-On-Demand

  • After downloading the tool, click Run if prompted. If you do not receive a prompt, navigate to your Downloads folder and double-click the MobileDemand_Remote_Support.exe file to start the connection process:

Splashtop SOS User Account Control

  • After clicking Yes, you will receive a session code. Provide this code to your MobileDemand Technician. The Technician will be remotely connected to your tablet and can begin evaluating the issue.