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COVID-19: Rugged Tablet Resources for Essential Workers

To beat this pandemic, we need to give first-line workers all the support they need. From conducting workplace and customer health checks, to caring for patients, to fulfilling online orders for curbside pickup, we want to empower these heroes to achieve more, safely. We thank all of you for your heroic efforts.

Reference the information below to learn how MobileDemand equips and protects first-line workers using our devices in hospitals, warehouses, stores, restaurants, and more. These resources span our entire portfolio of rugged tablets running Windows® or Android along with rugged cases designed for Surface or iPad®, all serving today's most demanding industries.

Doing Our Part

Bringing Comfort to Patients in Need

MobileDemand donates 300 rugged iPad cases to The County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services to assist isolated COVID-19 patients to visit virtually with friends, family and medical staff.

Doing our Part Through Donation of PPE

MobileDemand donates surgical masks and face shields to corridor-area healthcare providers.

Resources for Customers

5 Ways Rugged Tablets Are Streamlining Health Checks

Health screenings, while essential to maintain health and safety, may be time consuming and inefficient. MobileDemand's Rugged xTablets can help to streamline the process.

MobileDemand's Guilde to Cleaning and Disinfecting Rugged Tablets

A comprehensive explanation of the proper products and ways to clean, sanitize, and disinfect, the MobileDemand lineup of rugged tablets and rugged cases.

Adopt Paperless Patient Check-In with Rugged xTablets

Traditional clinics and alternative care sites dedicated for COVID-19 testing are adopting, paperless patient check-in and registration using rugged tablets.

5 Ways Rugged Tablets Can Streamline Curbside Ordering and Pickup

Utilizing tablets in restaurants and retail stores can streamline the curbside and in-store pickup process, while rugged cases keep the device protected.

A Shift in Healthcare Delivery: Virtual Patient Communication

By utilizing a patient Virtual Presence Tablet, patients and their families can connect and engage, despite visitor restrictions or isolation orders.

Use Case for EMS

Northglenn EMS Ambulance

EMS Patient Care Using Microsoft Surface Tablet with Rugged Case

Northglenn Ambulance utilizes the Microsoft Surface and MobileDemand rugged xCase for patient care applications.