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Rugged xTablet Family

MobileDemand Rugged Windows xTablets

MobileDemand’s portfolio of rugged Windows xTablets have been designed and tested to perform in today’s most demanding industries. We realize downtime effects your bottom line so our devices need to work as hard as you do. With integrated productivity tools including barcode scanners, Magstripe Readers, Mobile Point of Sale, 3D cameras, and various mounting systems, we provide the innovative solutions the mobile workforce relies on to achieve more.



We hold our products to a higher standard by subjecting each to a series of rigorous testing that far exceeds other rugged products in the market today. This ensures MobileDemand’s family of extremely rugged and versatile mobile solutions will survive the most demanding work environments


Clever, built-in features and forward-thinking designs ensure expandability to keep pace with your business growth. Choose from our wide range of innovative accessories and mounting options to meet your operational needs, increasing performance, efficiency, and productivity


Powered mountable docks keep our line of Windows tablets and your workforce plugged in and productive throughout the workday. The perfect warehousing forklift solution when you need continuous, reliable power all day, and then some. Simply tap into the existing onboard power supply and you are set to go. Docks also come with all the ports you need.