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Most advanced fire pumping truck in the world uses MobileDemand rugged tablet

A MobileDemand partner, Phantom Controls, has developed a patented system to automated fire truck water pumping with remote capabilities to allow the operator to move about the scene and work with the crew. The system utilizes the MobileDemand xTablet® T8650 rugged tablet that can withstand a fire scene's harsh conditions.

Full pump automation allows truck operators to focus on crew safety and fireground needs. Wireless control allows crews to get water without using the radio. 

Phantom Controls notes they retro fitted a 17-year-old fire truck with their new Scene Aparatus Manager (S.A.M.) system. This truck is in service at one of the busiest engine houses in St. Louis (@STLFireDept). S.A.M. handles all pump operations so the truck operator can focus on crew safety, crew needs, and fire ground operations. The operator can always manage the truck from the best vantage point and the safest position.

Phantom Controls has seen great success with their viral video announcing this new system:

Frefighters attending FDIC 2017 (firefighter training conference) can test out the advanced fire pumping truck themselves outside at Phantom Controls' booth #19018 in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 24-29, 2017.

Phantom Controls chose the xTablet T8650 rugged tablet for a variety of reasons:

  • MIL-Spec rugged tablet and sealed to withstand harsh fire-scene conditions
  • Small and lightweight rugged tablet with sunlight readable 8-inch screen
  • Quick release belt mount for easy access and carrying on the belt
  • Extra long life, hot swappable battery for all-day kiosk mode operation
  • Processor power compared to Android and iOS devices
  • Docking inside cab of fire truck

Fire Department Tablet

The public sector market is seeing a growing need for rugged tablets for fire departments.

This certainly proves you really can teach old fire trucks new tricks!

Firefighter Rugged Tablet

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